April 4, 2020

JCRE8 - Gotta Keep it Moving (Lyrics)

Artist: JCRE8
Title: Gotta Keep it moving
[Verse 1]
My mind is going crazy when I wake up
Can't go to sleep on all the days that I stay up
money on my mind,got me staying on my grind
Still up at 6am, all you ni**as gotta pay up
My mind is still crazy when I wake up
Money don't sleep,so a ni**a gotta stay up
Tryna get my cake up, Tryna make a way out
If Ni**as want smoke,I'll show em what I'm bout
All my ni**as know,I'm in this till my death
Tryna get this dough,with each & every breath
Changing up my flows,till there's nothing left
You know how it goes,I'm the last one left
Put my heart in this,every chance I get
Tryna live my life...without regret
working every day,like I'm possessed
Always on my mind, I'm obsessed
Ni**as keep pretending...that they are winning
my ni**as low key...in the building
Now we the villains, coz we too resilient
We tryna stack it up,till we see a billion
B*tches wanna f*ck and f*ck up the vision
And now we shoot with precision
My ni**as sticking to business
We Gotta get to the riches
We Gotta stick to the mission
I Wanna cop a ghost
But I ain't superstitious
Got all black on...like it's the matrix
I know I'll Have it all,I'm staying patient
I know that they are waiting,for me to fail
My ni**as tryna make it,without seeing jail
I do this shit to be free
I'm Making all of these beats
keep me out of these streets
Coming up with these schemes
Tryna get to these Geez
Never stopping,Keeping it moving ... till I succeed
Gotta keep it moving
Get my mind right
Gotta keep it moving
It's my time right (x2)
[Verse 2]
Gotta keep it moving, life I'm pursuing
Got me on the edge, enjoying the view
Ni**as tryna catch you slipping..Outside,its a zoo
Lions,cheeters and some bears,why I move with the crew
and I ain't even scared...But these ni**as will shoot
I ain't ready to be dead...So I stay in the booth
told you I'm obsessed...stay talking the truth
Living life with no regrets...Still got nothing to prove
Everything don't go my way sometimes
Gotta keep it positive, to reach new heights
Tryna catch more flights, tryna see new sights
Tryna meet deadlines,don t need no advice
Can't sleep at night,gotta earn my stripes
Don't wanna look at tags,l just wanna swipe
I looked at the signs,they show its my time
If God got us then,we gon be alright
Gotta keep it moving,gotta keep on pushing
Staying in the kitchen,Gotta keep on cooking
All the things I want,is in my possesssion
NO need for me to be stressin
always..keeping em guessing
You can feel all the tension, when they ask all these questions
You can tell that its passion,they don't get a reaction
I just say a word...and they over reacting
I'm tryna speak to the masses, One day the whole damn plane
this shit is just like acid,Got you hooked like an addict
My flow so dramatic...It's just outta habit
I want a new tax bracket
All my wishes are granted
Can't even hear all the static, I'm on a whole different planet
You ni**as can't even map it (nah)
It's my time right,I know you ni**as hate it
You like my rhymes right, There's no debating
It's my time right for the top Im aiming
I shine bright,I'm never failing
Gotta keep it moving
Get my mind right
Gotta keep it moving
It's my time right (x2)

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