January 11, 2018

John G introducing Winners Ground and why you should trade with them

John G is a 25 year old graduate at The University of Johannesburg (UJ), He’s a forex trader and a qualified civil engineer, and he grew up in village called Shirley in Limpopo.
John G is from a family of 6 children and a full-time trader based in Johannesburg, “I will be running a trading floor 2018 in Johannesburg and Pretoria, forex is my full-time job”

Why Forex Trading?
My friend got me into forex, initially I was not interested but I started paying attention after witnessing a change from him because of Forex Trading

You are the founder of a very helpful and amazing organisation “Winners Ground”, what is the motive behind it? What services do you offer and how is the quotation of everything?
Winners ground’s aim is to produce profitable traders that have an in-depth understanding of the market and approach the market with confidence, we focus on equipping the trader with the skill required to approach the market and consistently make profitable trades. We offer forex signals, Mentorship, online classes and account management.
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What makes John G different from other traders?
John g is a full-time trader, I trade differently from others. I trade all sessions, my strategy mainly focuses on Elliot wave, forex patterns and breakouts. I analyse the market on Sunday for the coming week then during the week I just look for opportunities. My target is 1:2, I don’t place a trade that I’m not happy with, all the trades I place must have enough confirmation for the particular direction, and I look at 3 timeframes Hourly, Daily and Weekly.
Who are the Amazing people or organisations that you have worked with in this trading industry?
I worked with my brother Nyiko Shiviti, I look up to him at all times, he is my adviser during good times and bad times, we have around 257 people on our whatsapp group where we manage the group together, I worked with CEOs of different institutions namely Wealthily due empire, Pip Treasure, Topsiefx, Probono… the list is endless

One word to describe John G?
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Five years from now, where do you see John G?
I see myself being a multi-millionaire, professional trader with several businesses namely trading floors around South Africa, salons, logistics, clubs and property

How do people reach John G and or Winners Ground if they want to know more and see more of your updates?
Facebook page – Winner gsround
WhatsApp group - We interact with our clients on daily basis, one can find me by requesting my contact numbers on our Facebook page.

What were the great moments that you experienced that you felt like they were great achievements?
Having to make R70000 rand in a space of 1 minute during JPY interest rate in 2016 June and renting expensive offices at Bryanston (Sandton) to reach our clients in a good environment

Surely there’s someone out there who wishes to be like John G, or wish to be part of Winners Ground, what can you say to them as a word of encouragement?
Everything is possible, one needs to know him/herself and have patience, dedication, grit, act smart and work hard

Who do you want to send your shout outs to?
Want to send shout to all the hustlers and all people who want to be professional traders; winnersground in 2018 is the key to your dreams
(Bonus) Tell us about one embarrassment during your high school times, what happened?
I was a business man from childhood I use to sell snacks of which the profit was the money I use to buy myself stuff, I was running the business by myself, I use to stock the snacks from a distance of 5 km which was 5 rand taxi fee but I would not take a taxi to save profits, now when I pass the route I think of those days

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