February 28, 2018

Jovislash - Aya Kwini Remix (Resurrects Flabba) to drop on the 9th of March

For the past few months Aya Kwini has been one of the trending phrases used widely throughout South Africa.
This was made popular by social media after a video of an old man called Boti Majulie went viral and trended for a while. The old man was basically talking about his family problems and expressing how angrily he felt at that particular time.
The catch phrase became so big in such a way that memes were made and eventually a song was produced as well.
The song was done by a comedian rapper called Jovislash. He collaborated with Boti Majulie and on brighter side, a misery encounter was turned into something positive and inspirational.
Fast-forward to 2018, rapper Jovislash decided to do a remix of the song and brought in some of the biggest S.A hip hop veterans
What stood out on this remix is that Jovislash also features the SAMA award winning - Skwatta Kamp rapper Nkululeko Habedi, who was commonly known as Flabba.  "This is my dream feature right here. Flabba was not only my mentor but also a brother and a friend. He taught me a lot about the music industry. This is one of my biggest songs by far and to have him on this remix is remarkable." Said Jovislash.

The Aya Kwini remix also features notable prominent expert rappers such as HHP, Mr Selwyn and InfaDizle who was a close friend of Flabba as they were also under the same hip hop crew [Skwatta Kamp].
"It marks three years since Flabba departed and I'm grateful to honour him once again with a song and this time around it is epic because he's featured on the song. I'm also happy that his mother gave me her blessing to release the song", said Jovislash.
The song will be released on the 09th March 2018, which is the day Flabba died on in 2015.
"This song is very close to my heart, all the rappers I featured on it are musicians I looked up to and now I'm on the same track with them. I also like the fact that they've all agreed to donate all the their royalties to the late Flabba. This means a lot to me as it can contribute to his [Flabba] kids' education one day." Jovislash said.
Aya Kwini Remix will be available on downloads and stream sites.

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