August 12, 2018

Jovislash Does it Again; Re kase Kgone ft Julius Malema

Jovislash - Re kase Kgone ft Julius Malema

Majority of us can testify that the first six months of the year has been really hard economically for South African citizens. We’ve seen more petrol hikes in the country than episodes of Generations The Legacy.

One rapper who’s frequently vocal about social issues and trends is definitely Jovislash. This time around he is back with a new song entitled “Re Kase Kgone”, meaning “We can’t cope”. This comedic song sums up how tough it is to make ends meet lately in South Africa. From expensive food to increasing transport fares.

 Re Kase Kgone Official Artwork

Jovislash always finds a funny way of highlighting the truth, unapologetic. The new song samples the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Julius Malema.

Check the song out. You might end up rolling on the floor as you dance to it, but the truth in it... Lol

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