August 16, 2018

Jovislash Pays Tribute to The Late Legend #Pro_Kid - Dankie Mkhozi ft Bruno from Rhythm City


danki mkhozi

As the country still mourns the loss of one of the greatest rappers in South Africa, Linda “Pro” Mkhize, fellow Rapper and Comedian Jovislash released a new song to pay tribute to the fallen Soweto born legend.

“To me it’s like history repeats itself. Two years ago I lost my other friend, mentor and brother, Flabba. Now Pro is no more. It’s really heart-breaking. I decided to honour and thank ProKid with this song because I’ve learned a lot and drawn so much inspiration from him, I’ll forever be grateful” Says Jovislash.

The song is titled Dankie Mkhozi and it features rapper and Rhythm City actor Bruno. It is also accompanied by a music video. Do check it:


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