July 2, 2018

Jyz Yorke Follows World Wide Trend Of Childish Gambino; This is Namibia

Jyz Yorke Follows World Wide Trend Of Childish Gambino

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This is Namibia is officially released.
The Video focuses a on social issues such as Alcohol Abuse, Crime , Single Mothers, Corruption, it emphasises on high Land Pricing, and Poverty and more.
The Video plainly tells the reality of what is genuinely happening in Namibia. It is a cry for true freedom.
Thus Yorke's version ends with "we want the freedom" which illustrates that even after independence there isn't complete freedom of speech and expression. There are battles that we are still fighting. The basic message is for the government to bring out a change but also for the Namibian Youth not to fully depend on the government.
For the most part Namibia let's build our country. Let's build our Nation. Let's eradicate poverty.  Let's get rid of corruption. Lets bring true change. And to the youth we are the future. Let's stand up and be the change that we want to see.
A Special Thanks to everyone who came out and supported for the video shoot your presence is highly appreciated.
Music Video By Put in Work innovatives and Straight Peculiar
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