March 14, 2018

Kay-E coming back with another Hit "#Vele" and an EP. Bona Retsang made history, now it's about to go worse

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Kay-E is an established South African Hip Hop Artist who burst in the hip hop industry with the got single,  BONA RETSANG. Born and Bred in Ndofaya, Soweto I do music that is representative of my Inheritance
Who or what got Kay E into music?
I grew up in a shebeen/tarven. My Gran owns one. I guess that's where the music bug hit me
How is the response from family and friends towards your music career?
My family and friends have been supportive from day. Even though my Grandmother was disappointed that i quit my 9 to 5 job and took up music as my full time career
You have a huge and awesome history from way back, you had the hits like “Bona retsang” that made the whole of South Africa to dance, how has the journey been until now?
Firstly, I am so honoured to have been part of an era that came with a sound that gave South African Hip Hop its identity. The journey has been fun I should say, even though it's difficult being an independent artist.
Was the hit “Bona retsang” the one that opened doors for you in the hip hop industry or there was already a platform or something that had your name in shining lights?
Yes of coz. Almost everyone that know me it is because of BONA RETSANG. Even when i make newer, better songs, they'd still refer to BONA RETSANG
Who are the great people or organisations have you worked with in the music industry?
Zola 7, Pro, Jub Jub, Red Button, Emtee, Maraza just to name a few
One word to describe Kay E?
Is there more Singles or albums people can expect from Kay E or is there anyone you are grooming to continue the Kay E’s music legacy?
My EP is finally coming out this year. My Single #Vele is also coming out on the 31st March in partnership/Collaboration with DJ Lemii Loco, produced by Joe King
Follow Kay-E on;
Facebook: Kay E Bona Retsang & Kay-E
Instagram & Twitter: @kay_esa
YouTube Channel: Kayeezy1
Word of Motivation
Identify your goal, have a plan, believe in yourself and never look back.
Shout out
My Family, Friends and a special shout out to everyone that believes in and keeps on supporting the Kay-E brand

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