July 10, 2023

Kay Faith Shares her Fun and Challenging Experiences working with Disney on Kizazi Moto | New Music On the Way

What are your expectations in the near future from this first African animation series by Disney?

Im hoping that it inspires more African storytellers to share the stories of their lives and their people with the world, but also for it to be inspirational to young African kids who watch these shows to feel like they are beinf represented on a global platform.


• What were the fun and challenging moments working on Kizazi?

This was my first time scoring for an animation, so the overall process was very challenging dor me. I was very lucky to have worked with a great team and I got a lotnof support from them throughout the process. The most fun for me was everytime Rethabile delivered new vocals. She is such a dynamic vocalists and added so much to my instrumentals.


Who do you wish to work with on the TV and Film industry in the near future and why?
I am open to work with anyone at this stage as compostion is something Ive really enjoyed.

What are the latest updates from Kay Faith Music?

There is new music in the piplines. I will be dropping some hot singles this year.


Are you planning on writing or composing a story about Kay Faith’s life anytime soon?
Thats a great idea! A story of my life told through music… I might jusy consider doing that!


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