January 29, 2024

Kenyan Rapper - Kambona drops Music Video for a hit single “Martian Flow” Paying Homage to One of his Favourite Rappers

Kambona is a rapper/ filmmaker from Nairobi, Kenya, who is dropping the first single and video off of his upcoming debut Mixtape; MARiACHi. The single, Martian Flow, is a flip on JID's 151 Rum and homage to one of Kambona's favorite rappers. 

Martian Flow is a hard hitting, bar spitting display of showmanship from a rapper hellbent on flipping the African Hip Hop scene on its head. As if the lyrical braggadocio wasn't enough, this first single also marks Kambona's debut as a filmmaker and music video director. The rapper is credited as a writer, director and editor in this noir visual inspired by Dr. Milgram's 1962 experiment on obedience.

In hip hop, mixtapes have been a fundamental vehicle through which artists discover new beats, gain exposure, and share their work. And even as mixtapes have moved from cassettes to .zip files to SoundCloud, they've remained essential to the genre's 50-year history—and to its future. It is with great pride that Kambona announces his arrival in Hip Hop with a mixtape to be dropped soon that stands on the shoulders of greats such as Nas, The Alchemist, Nicki Minaj and Freddie Gibbs.

For Kambona, Martian Flow is "The beginning of a volcanic eruption."

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