August 17, 2018

Kwesta's Drummer King "Ricco Drums" from West Rand shares 5 Wise Tips to be the Best Drummer Ever


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So my name is Onkgopotse Ricco Mabuela II. I come from a small town called Greenhills (West rand). I’m a Pastors Kid. I come from a very Christian based background and musical family in all. I’m currently the drummer for Kwesta DaKAR, first young drummer to sign under his record label “Raplyf Records” and I’m currently his touring drummer. I’m a drummer by profession and a music composer as well. I started playing drums since I can remember. I asked my mother how I actually started playing and she said while she was pregnant with me she prayed to God asking him for a son with a gift that he can use to glorify him. So as months passed she noticed that every time music played in the house I would move or kick to the sounds of the music I guess. So it’s safe to say I’ve been doing this drumming thing since forever, a gift from God.
Who or what got you into playing Drums?
No one really got me into drumming, like I said it’s a God given gift. But I have a few people that influenced my style of play, like my late uncle mike who used to play at church and my other uncle Neo who also played at my dad’s church. As I grew up, I started listening to guys like J-Star, Ramon Sampson, Refilwe “fifsta the superstar” Mofokeng just to name a few. Internationally, I checked out guys like Ronald Bruner Jr, Tony Royster Jr, Dave Weckle, Aaron Spears and Chris Coleman just to name a few, so all these guys influenced my style of play.
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If you weren’t in Drums, what would you do?
Drums ?… Another career I’d love to venture in is quantum physics. I always wanted to know how the universe works… so Quantum Scientist.
What is the Best and Worst thing about playing Drums according to your experiences?
Best thing about drums is that I get to express myself, I get to make people happy, make them dance; give them an epic energized experience.
The worst thing is when I perform and for some weird reason something breaks that’s really important like a pedal or tear my drum skin mid way during the performance ...??‍♂️?
What are the amazing places that you have travelled that made you fall more in love with Playing Drums?
Places like Senegal!!! Got to learn more about our history in Africa and the slave trade, went to Goreé island which was heart breaking but I learned so much history over there. Another place I really enjoyed was Kenya. Got to see the Maasai People! It was interesting, only saw those only people on TV, but those people are tall man, like tall! Thank God I get to see all these wonderful places through my gift!
You play Drums for one of the best Hip hop artist in South Africa and Africa at large (Kwesta). How did it happen?
How I started playing for Kwesta ??
so… I remember a day before my birthday; I posted a video on Facebook playing drums to a Dj Khaled’s song. It got hype, a few shares and Refilwe “fifsta the superstar” saw it. He inboxed me, asked for my numbers and the following day on my birthday, I got a call from him. He told me he wants me playing for his artist which was Sis Bucie and wants me to start rehearsing Kwesta’s music. So I did, and Lord behold, 2 months later I played my first gig with Kwesta and the rest is history!!! ?
On your full set of Drums, which instrument is your favorite and why?
The entire drum set is my favourite!!!! Drums bro, Drums!!
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What are your Five personal strong points to become a successful Drummer?

  • Practice
  • Listening to different music (expand)
  • Networking is very important for any musician.
  • Staying consistent (time, performances, everyday life)
  • Strive for Greatness In your craft

Follow Ricco Drums on:
Instagram - @Ricco7_drums
Facebook - Ricco drums SA
Email - [email protected] ???
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Wise words
Love, win and conquer.
If you love what you do, you will win in any situation you are in, you will win over the hearts of many, and once you have won, you will surely conquer the world with your craft! And never forget God in everything you do! God is the Greatest.
Shout outs
Like to give a shout out to Raplyf records, Kwesta, Tshego AMG, G-Money, Lavida Nota, Grootman Silos, Giselle from Spree, Marshall Music (Fred Helliwell), my parents, FCS Church for all the support, Kgosie’s mom ?, Tammi , and the Entire West Rand!!!!!!!

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