October 1, 2020

Lastborn Majuice Drops an EP "Behind the Juice" welcoming Spring and Reflects his Life Changing Decisions through it

Bulelani Ndabeni popularly known as Lastborn MaJuice is an upcoming Rapper from Lwandle, Strand in the Western Cape. I am an artist that creates music from authentic, real life experiences and stories.
As a youth growing up in the hood I got myself mixed up with the wrong crowd, ending up doing drugs and committing crime, your typical kasi youth story. Ever since then I have changed my life by focusing on my first love, my passion which is music. Being able to tell my story and inspire the youth in my community through music has been therapeutic and has made a positive impact in my life. I have also been working with the youth, guiding them through my craft. I am currently hosting Live Sessions on Mondays where different artists can showcase their talent, this has become a platform for the youth in Strand, Nomzamo to create a name for themselves.
This is a 6 track EP that was released on the 4th September welcoming Spring and a time for change. The name Behind The Juice comes from the change in my stage name, which went from Lastborn The Performer to Lastborn MaJuice. The change in name comes from a time when I had completely cut out alcohol, while trying to find myself and also focus on my craft... that is when my creativity was unlocked and I started writing again, leading to the compiling of the EP.
Front cover
Back Tracklist
The EP is also my way of introducing myself to South Africa as I have already established myself in my area. The EP is really an expression of my versatility as an MC as it takes on a musical journey from club bangers, to trap and then slows down the tempo in the end.

Facebook- @lastbornmajuice
Twitter- @LastInjayegame
Instagram- @lastbornmajuice

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