January 23, 2023

Lester Matthews | South African Rapper

Ndonewa Nesengani artistically known as Lester Matthews is a music producer, songwriter and film maker, mainly doing music in English and the South African native languages of Xitsonga and Tshivenda.

Lester was born and raised in Chavani, a village in the most northern province of South Africa, called Limpopo. Having being raised by his grandparents from a young age, he developed an adventures personality that led him to discover interests in things like graphic design, website developing and most importantly music.

Like any other 90s kid, Lester was Influenced by international artists like lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Dj khaled and the YMCMB roaster and fell in love with music, but It wasn’t until around 2010 when he discovered local rappers like Mizo Phyll, Mavraga, Mac J and others that he actually started writing and thinking about making his own music, from copying and rewriting the lyrics to his favourite songs by local artists, his thirst for music was growing.

Neighbourhood rappers from his area also played a major part in his early music career, not only did they inspire him, they made him realise that making music isn’t completely impossible and that he can do it too, he just needed to find the right people.

When 2011 came around, not only did he find the right people in SBC (Small Boys Club), an upcoming local music group which consisted of Manotry, Hectik and Young Rollet, he found lifelong friends. After the group invited him to their studio which was ran by G.ICE a rapper from the neighbourhood and he recorded his first verse ever which was basically rewritten lyrics from a song by Bomo Unlimited mixed with lyrics from other songs and a few original lines, he never looked back.

Starting his own studio in 2012 and learning how to engineer, mix and master music and design covers for his songs, he went head deep into music making, starting out solely as a rapper and then transitioning into a more singing role, by 2014 Not only had he launched his career into music, he had also also provided a space for local artists to record and horn their own skills, free of charge.

Taking a break to focus on other things from 2015 to 2017, he returned to making music full time in 2018 when he moved back to his home village and hasn’t stopped stoped since then.


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