February 6, 2019

Listen to "Alfred Magongwa" by LA Maxzino ft Smavyen TFSL: Taken from The EP Entitled VANS N CHINOS

As you know, there are too many critics out here, especially when it comes to hip hop music.
You'd meet a lot of people telling you how you would make it if you do this or sound like that,
I come across the kind of people all the time and I keep on telling them the same thing, "You don't have to school me!"
The song is actually about the people who think they got the game and can get us changing what we do because they "know" it wouldn't take us anywhere. It's actually a dedication to all the "industry teachers" of the world, hence I decided to name it Alfred Magongwa.
This hit is taken from my forth coming VANS N Chinos Ep.

On this one, I have worked with a hommie of mine Smavyen TFSL and it was produced by ChopzTix


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