October 13, 2019

Listen to "Daily Bread" by Bread Winner

Mpumalanga born Hip Hop sensation Bongani Langa better known as Bread Winner releases a hit single titled 'Daily Bread.' With the song, the youngster aims to motivate dream chasers and urges them not to give up in what they aspire to acquire. "The song is based on my true life story, having lost my dad and my mom involved in a car accident I vowed that I will fight to end poverty at home," he said.
The song is basically about how his upbringing and challenges he faced growing up tempered with his life journey as a young person. "Growing up my life was not easy at all and I don't want to make my misfortunes excuses of failing to make my dreams come true," said Bread Winner.
To the boy 'Daily Bread' is waking everyday - given another chance by God to continue hustling. As a music enthusiast the boy also refers to music as his 'Daily Bread' because he strives to makes a living with music. "Music is also my daily bread because it is something I live by, even when I go through tough times, music heals me,'' he added.
On the song the rising star motivates himself and other youngsters to chase their dreams regardless of what life throws at them. His biggest wish is to make it in the music business and inspire other aspiring musicians especially those from his neighborhood.
The song is available on various digital platforms. Released date 31 August 2019.

iTunes: https://music.apple.com/us/album/daily-bread-single/1478912278

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album?id=Bym47mssfsc2n2raopkby66w2fy

Bread Winner Social Media Handles:
*Facebook: Bread Winner
*Twitter: @m__a_breadwinner
*Instagram: @bread_winner_sa
For Media Interviews & BOoKINGS Contact:
?: Bongani langa
?:[email protected]
?: 0790376594

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