February 17, 2020

Listen to NightLight by Hanoch dropped on Valentines Day

Hanoch just Dropped a love song titled NightLight , 0n 14/02/2020. The song is I inspired by a woman He loves and love Dovies all around. Waking up together with his wife and facing life and meeting different kind of challenges and still go home, meet her and accommodate their love towards each other is priceless. Standing together kinda mindset through all the storms (the night). But still hope for sweet dreams because each other it’s all they got. That is the reason to cherish every moment. 

In his own words “ I believe that in an experience, we all can get a lesson. Some of us we choose to write a song about it, some paint and some even write a book. 

At the end of the day, someone may be encouraged or discouraged. Some hate love because of their background or past relationships. It’s understandable but you gotta have faith and look for love in a right place. People do change, unfortunately, that is life. We just need to play our part in ensuring that we mitigate any apparent less-commitment risk. 

However, I wrote and sing my experience because I want people to dance and couples be encouraged to stand together.  Not conceding any person to come in between. Celebrate each other as a must and enjoy being together. You will quarrel sometimes, but that must not make you forget that there is “good times you had “ and you will have them again. Love is beautiful “ 

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