September 12, 2019

Listen to Twon Lamar's Debut Single "Friends & Family"

I’m telling a story that really came out of frustration because my phone only rang when someone needed me to do something for them. N****s wouldn’t be like ‘hey, how you doing?’ or nothing. They only cared about themselves and what they could either get out of me or from me. So I had to start nipping it in the bud and telling people about themselves; and as a result, I lost a lot of friends and became distant with a lot of family members as well. And this is where the title of the track come from (“Friends and Family”) because this is basically my message to them. Stream Here

Credits: Friends and Family

Producer:                    Benihana Boy
Arranger:                    Twon Lamar (Antwon Guidry)
Writer:                         Twon Lamar (Antwon Guidry)
Performer:                  Twon Lamar (Antwon Guidry)
Mix Engineer:             Twon Lamar (Antwon Guidry)
Master Engineer:        Mike Bozzi

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