November 12, 2016

Lord Nesh's Interview

Lord Nesh is a guy from Bushbuckridge, 23 of age, I'm a producer/owner/artist for MSP1632ent and a host for ON THE STREETS show
Who got you into hip hop music?
My high school friends back in 2010 when we matriculated
What makes Lord Nesh different from other hip hop artists?
I'm a producer/director/rapper/singer/cartoonist and I mix genres in my music
Great guns worked with on the game?
Cube, Trevor, Skrazey, Brkn Amzas, Dj Achie, Noahz Ark and Pop
What is the motive behind your track Theli Sip?
Theli sip was produced, mixed n mastered my me and I was featured on the track, it’s one of the tracks on Cube's mix tape called NEW GENERATION
One word to describe Lord Nesh?
Do you think Mzanzi Hip hop is losing direction or it is on point?
For me it's on point, artists are making lot of money to support their families, unlike back in the days
Reach Lord Nesh on:
Twitter @machatesurprise
Instagram lord_nesh
Facebook pages - Lord nesh msp, Msp1632ent
Surely there’s someone out there who wishes to be like Lord Nesh, how can you motivate them?
Never underestimate yourself, always see your path as a challenge even if it's hard
Shout outs?
Shout out to everyone who is reading this interview, my family and friends including, MSP1632ENT fans
What nick name given to you that you didn’t like at all during your childhood?
Drop it like its hot man
I ain't god but when I step in I que the world/
Look at this loosers taking selfies with my crown/
We may sound the same but I sound better/
I drop hits in my crib check extra class and hit you with New generation tapes nd turn ur fake ass to a fan, LORD NESH

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