August 19, 2021

Lwazi GB Talks about Future Plans in The Music Game | Good & Bad about Mzansi Hip hop | 5FM | Kamo Mphela + More

Lwazi Fatyela popularly known as Lwazi GB is a Rapper, sound engineer & Producer from Eastern Cape, Queenstown and currently based in Johannesburg. He has a strong social media presence and has over 200 000 followers on his social media accounts.
Lwazi GB released his debut EP titled ‘Icebo Lokuphila’ in 2019 and it did very well, receiving great reviews and was the no.1 selling hip hop album on Google Play and iTunes in South Africa for a couple of weeks. He also signed a publishing deal with Sheer publishing on the 22nd of February. His song ‘Hella Gud’ from Icebo Lokuphila EP that was featured on one of SA’s biggest TV shows (Rhythm City) for three weeks. His recent achievement is having his music video for the song ‘Lahla Lonja’ also taken from iCebo lokuphila EP play listed on Channel O. Lwazi GB writes, produces and mix and master his music.
His career began in 2008 and later in his music career, he had been exploring and working hard on his lyrical content and production skills, his sound and mastering got perfect enough to associate him with many artists around South Africa. He is a rapper, producer and a self-taught recording engineer and has worked with many up & coming artists all over South Africa, recording their albums and producing their beats.
As his career started blowing on the right direction; His music has been on heavy radio rotation on local and national radio stations. In September 2014 he entered a 5FM International Hip hop competition by Ms Cosmo. Lwazi GB won a hip hop competition called the ‘Rap Factor ‘on 5FM. The competition was hosted by Ms Cosmo and the benefit of this completion was that the winner would get a full beat produced by Tweezy and Record a song in Acoustic Media, the company that recorded AKA’s "Levels" album
In 2016 he won an award for ‘Best Hip Hop Artist’ in University of Forthare on the University awards that were hosted on a prestigious event, Centenary Celebrations. Moreover, He was invited to perform in Sliqe’s birthday party at Zone 6 Venue in Soweto (Johannes burg) (2017), He also performed in various events sharing a stage with big names in the music industry.

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When did you realize that you can Rap and Produce Music?

I realized that I can rap in 2008. My friends and I used to host cyphers in school and we would invite people to watch us rap. At that time were just doing it for fun until the passion started kicking in and we decided to take music serious and record songs.

During that time I was just rapper/song writer and not a producer or sound engineer. I started recording my songs from other people’s studios. My first song was recorded by one of my friends ‘’Putuma Konqana also known as FLASH and he’s also the guy that taught me the basics of music production.

With the knowledge and experience I had, I decided to start my own recording label ‘’Cash Unit Records’’ In 2013 as I had a strong passion in recording and making beats and that’s when my journey as a producer & sound engineer began.


What is the good and the bad thing about Mzansi Hip hop according to your experiences?

The good thing is that hip hop in Mzansi has expanded in terms of listenership and fan base over the years and a result, musicians in the main stream are now thriving more and more and also upcoming musicians can also make something out of their careers.
The bad thing is that upcoming musicians are not given the same treatment as the main stream artists especially when it comes to radio & TV airplay.


How is the response from Friends and Family towards your Music Career?

The love & support my family and friends have shown towards me & my music career is overwhelming. My Mom and my late grandmother gave me their blessings to continue chasing my dreams.


Lwazi GB... What is the Story behind this Stage name?

Lwazi GB is a stage name I came up with when I started my music career. The acronym ‘GB’ stands for God being (Lwazi the God Being). I wanted to be different and unique as if I was not a human being, hence the name ‘Lwazi the God Being’.


What is one thing that people think you are which you are actually not?

People think I’m this serious guy because of my social media persona. I’m one of the craziest niggas you’ll ever meet especially when we connect and our chemistry is good.


What is the Motive behind most of the songs you write?

Most of the songs I write are influenced by my personal journey and the hardships that I’ve faced in life. I always strive to motivate others by telling my story so that when it’s all said and done, a kid from eKasi would know that it’s possible no matter what kind of background you came from.

In Few years to come, where will Lwazi GB be?

In a few years to come I want to be one of the biggest artists in Africa and also a multi-platinum selling artist and international music producer.


Who is your Celebrity Crush and why?

My celeb crush is Kamo Mphela. She started being my crush after that ‘Nkulu Nkulu’ song lol, I really love that song and the music video is just as amazing. I think she’s very talented and I like the fact that she’s authentic.


Shout Outs

Firstly I would like to send a s/o to my Mom and my late grandmother for undikhulisa and for giving me their blessings to continue with my music.
I would also like to send a huge S/O to my supporters (Hustlers) for the support and motivation I receive from them every day.
Also would love to send a S/O To my friends and Neighbours from ekasi lam for isupport abandinike yona. I wouldn’t be in Jozi right now chasing my dreams if it wasn’t for one of my neighbours. I’ll forever be grateful.


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