July 9, 2019

Mac Loud Talks about the Story behind his Come Back Hit - "Money"

Basically the song "Money" by Mac Loud is another one of his releases where he's not featuring anyone,
The message of the track corresponds with the type of a beat he used.
It is a hype type of beat... "I wanted to try something that has a bit of trap flow, something different from what I usually do, but at the same time I wanted to rap on a trap flow and say something meaningful.
And for me what resonated when I came up with the hook, I just wanted to get money because that's what basically what it is...
The main reason why we do what we do is because we want to get the money.
We don't sleep, we push work 24/7, we try new things, we trina get new deals, trying to progress and trying to level up everything because we want to get the Money right?
So for me it just make sense for the hook to be that way... and I mean you know man,  it's a rapper's dream... when get that money to spend it in a certain way, so hence with the bridge I'm like "I want the lavish life, When I get money, I spend it, fuck twice on the average night...
That's right dog, I said it... get up and then catch a flight..."
You know that's a super star's life that we all want to achieve and we all want to reach one day, where by you don't worry about a single thing because you can afford to do whatever you want to do
Ummm... so I mean it's an aspiration kind of song, it talks about the everyday goal that I have and that most people have which is a common goal to get money and be successful.
But at the same time, with the verses, I wanted to make sure that I personalise them so that people can know who I am as Mac Loud...
I think this is me finally putting a stamp on the name Mac Loud and say;  I'm here to stay, whether you people like it or not, this is me,  this is who I am and this is what I do.
Like I said on the other interview that we had about "Still Shining"... Mac Loud is the other version of me who doesn't take no "Sh**" and doesn't take nonsense... he claims and takes whatever he wants whenever he wants it... you know, he goes for whatever he wants... no limits, nothing .
And for me in the verses  (especially the first one), I'm talking about the industry and all the fake bullsh*** that we go through, the ups and downs in the game... people always trying to be your fake friends because they want to make ends through you...
I talk about all the ups and downs of personal relationships and the fact that no matter what, I'll keep going forward,  we are tired of all the fakeness, we just trying to chase the greatness.
And on the second verse I'm basically talking about myself as a future businessman... my brand new tribe which I want to grow in not only a clothing brand but into a production company as well, you know... a whole movement which is New tribe, you know... so I'm talking about the exclusivity... the people who I hang around with... I no longer hang out with just anyone,  I choose my circle wisely.
The mission statement again, I talked about it there is that, we just about getting to a show,  killing it, move in and get in the bag... you know,  we don't want fake things, we don't want nonsense... and people have their own opinions about it but at the end of the day we don't care, we just want to get what we want and move on, not everyone has to like us, not everyone has to be on our side... but just as long as they know why we are here and what we came to do. ..
That's what "Money" is all about... we just want to get the Money Fam"

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