December 7, 2023

Manotry | South African Rapper | Biography | Music Journey + More

Manotry (real name Dzunisa Masocha) is a South African Rapper, Singer, Song Writer and Producer from Chavani Village in Limpopo Province, South Africa. Manotry was born in Johannesburg then moved to Limpopo in 2007.
He fell in love with music at a young age where he started performing rap songs at events held in his primary school.

Later on, he formed a Hip-Hop crew called Small Boys Club with two of his friends. They released a couple of songs until he decided to work as a solo artist, that’s where a lot of people entitled him as “Trap Lord”

In 2018, Manotry was featured along with Lester Matthews on a Hip-Hop/R&B single by Leon Hlabathi called "Be My Guest". Manotry frequently collaborates with Leon Hlabathi and has been featured on singles including Dominance and Sauces & Gravy.

One of the hits that made a lot of people dance and loved Manotry more was a song called Nikhomeni ft Lester Matthews & Jake de Vocalist

Manotry recently collaborated with the MLFM award winning Tsonga Trap Star Canicee on a song called Trap Life

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