February 12, 2024

Marvcash drops a hit song - Pays Great ft Lord Whilston | Nothing comes out of comfort Zone

The song title is "Pays Great", refering to hard work pays. Nothing comes out of comfort Zone, the moment you step out of it you'll realise there is no such thing as impossible. 

It took us about 3 months from writing, recording, mixing and mastering

I worked with a vocalist goes by the name Lord Whilston ,producer, Artist from Nigeria

We worked from a distance... zip file kinda thing, but it feels like i know him, hes such a great artist, producer to work with. He produced the beat, and i mixed and mastered the song. We both Artist, Producers

We now planing to work on a music video for this song.

Marvcash & Lord Whilston - "Pays Great"

Stream, Buy or Download the Single on the link below:


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