May 19, 2020

Mayhem KS - Pressure (Prod. Silas Beats) Now Available in all Musical Platforms

Mayhem KS is an Indie Hip Hop Artist from Mapetla, Soweto. He is a creative with a message who grew up with few friends in his neighbourhood, thus spending a lot of time learning to listen to his inner voice which created a life of fulfillment for him. Now his mission is to make music that helps others follow their intuition.
On the song Pressure, he draws from his real life experiences to craft a relatable series of sonic pictures over an atmospheric soundscape produced by Silas beats, where he tells an emotional story of jealousy, anxiety and insecurity while feeling the pressure of needing the latest clothes, jewellery, car and being a cool kid.
The song then matures to an older character who now feels the pressure to be successful in the black community where he is unemployed and uses substances to get away from it all.
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Mayhem KS - Pressure (Prod. Silas Beats)

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