March 30, 2018

Mcola Da Future takes Gospel Hip hop to another Level by Storm + Special Easter Message

MCola is a 22 year old Hip Hop artist from Ivory Park in Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa. He was born in Ngodini, Nelspruit in Mpumalanga. MCola started recording and performing music in 2012.
What got you to Hip hop?
What got me into music was inspiration by Hip Hop artists such as Teargas, Pro and Lil’ Wayne in 2006 and that’s when I started writing.
What makes Mcola different from other Hip hop stars?
I believe that what distinguishes me from other Hip Hop artists is the message in my music, the Gospel (God’s saving power) message.

People / Organizations worked with?
I’ve been privileged to work with great organizations like YTM, and producers Morrey, Zack & Aura who helped me on my album.
What is the motive behind your writings?
The motive behind my music is sharing about God’s love and grace, like on my current single ‘Amaphutha’ taken off my debut album ‘Lindiwe’. On the song I share about how a Christian walk isn’t primarily about what one does but what Christ has done for us on the cross. The song features Thembi V MaLebo and it is available on my website
How is the response from family and friends towards your music?
The response from my family and friends about me being a musician has been so overwhelming. They are very supportive.
One word to describe Mcola
Hhmm! One word to describe MCola? – Deliberate.
Do you think Mzansi Hip hop is losing direction or it is on point?
I say Mzansi Hip Hop is on point because now one can make a career out if, put food on the table for themselves and the families as we have seen lately.
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To reach me, people can go to my website My handle is MCola_Dafuture on all social networks.
Word of Motivation
How can one be like me? Receive Christ Jesus as Lord and savior and embrace values like hard-work, honesty and respect for your craft and people.
Special Easter Message
On this day (Good Friday) we remember the death of Christ Jesus which brought life unto us. May you enjoy this day and if you haven't received Christ as your Lord and savior I encourage you to receive Him today.
Shout outs
My shout outs go to everyone showing me and my music love, peace!

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