April 26, 2019

Media mogul Sean Dlamini announces major rebrand to Nkosi Dlamini

Johannesburg based media mogul, Sean Dlamini, has unveiled a new name, a new logo and a new image as part of an extensive rebranding initiative. The well-known South African media mogul is now known as Nkosi Dlamini.
The rebranding of his image coincided with the recent start of the 2019-2020 business year in April. The rebrand has provided a platform for Nkosi to evolve the service market, to be a true full-service, innovative, and advanced media provider to all affiliate companies and clientele, in all locations. Previous funding models limited the types of services offered as well as restrictions geographically.
“This rename and rebrand represents a significant step in my evolution. I am redefining who I am, driving change and shaping the future of the South African media industry” said Nkosi. “My brand attribute has always been built on trust, credibility and industry knowledge – that’s what’s kept my brand germane for the past two years. i pride myself on my relationships and my abilities within the media industry.”
The new name and logo was developed through an intensive 3-month long tending process which started with the year 2019, and reflects the brand’s passion for giving a imperial resemblance of the new age digital persona. The name also aligns with the brand’s mission; to stay relevant and serve a favourable position in its form. The font strategically resembles the shape of a picket fence, to empower its household power and the colours used are plagiarized from the classic variation of black and white.
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The new image offers a fashionable and refined Nkosi, easy to approach and a future orientated gentleman. Creating and producing engaging, among other high-quality content.
Nkosi Dlamini is a South African media mogul with a proud industry record that began in 2016. Having worked with big media companies like Cheeky Media, Westgod Media and a few more to mention. Providing Social Media, Marketing, Content Producing and Branding services.

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