March 10, 2020

Media Personality Luyanda Talks about How Coronavirus affects Media and Entertainment

Luyanda is a Swazi born multi‐talented act, he has a degree in TV and Film production.
“After Graduating, I never looked back, I invested myself much into art. I did theatre performances in Swaziland together with TV dramas, “Haunted Fate”, “Vaat and Seet”. With all these plays, I’m representing Swaziland raising that flag high.
I left Swaziland after getting a slot on Hillbrow Radio. as a radio DJ and Producer, I believe that platform Opened my eyes and learnt about radio and tv being one thing. After a year I left hillbrow radio for teaching at Denver high school where I was teaching creative Arts and English.
Got a call from Royal News Africa radio, where I started as a broadcaster and later got promoted to being a station manager.
I believe in hard work and dedication, that’s why I get good reference from most of my previous workplaces. With all my pieces of work, music has been haunting me, I finally had time to release what was inside me, I had a first single (house soul) “Ngicela Ungithathe” which amazed lot of people with my talent and composition being on point, followed by a reggae single “Why tonight” and now a house soul “Angesabi lutho”.
Luyanda is currently working on a Swazi telenovella which he wrote, that features SA
biggest stars and programme managing new channel B.Mag Tv.
What Grabbed Your Attention in the TV and Film Production?
I don't wanna lie and say I was into tv and film, being from rural areas, such field is not exposed to us, it happened that I was a bright student and i got a scholarship from highschool, I didn't want to do these obvious careers, I wanted something new and challenging, there was Film and tv production and i gave it a try. Funny enough i fell in love with it since it was as same as music which I have a soft spot for
From Studying TV and Film Production to being a Radio DJ and Producer, What made you realize that TV and Radio are one thing?
On these plarfoms, we tell stories tha build communities, both platforms inspired, built the voice to the voiceless, it is as same as hearing or seeing in tv and hearing creates a picture from the things that you hear on radio
TV vs Radio, if you were to choose one, what would it be and why?
I am in love with both media tools but radio comes first, with radio i feel complete, i am myself and it feels so good to create a picture to someone's mind, radio relaxes my brain by the music played and good conversations
You have done so many things in the Media and Entertainment industry... would you say you have found one thing that you are passionate about? What is it and why?
I am passionate about everything in media, my strength is in media, media controls the wolrd and society, so in all I have done around media i have given my best and learnt, enjoy it even though sometimes it gets to be challenging as other people wish to see you crush in the industry, but being confident and knowing your story keeps one going and on a right pace
What is the Good and the Bad thing about being a Multi-Talented Person according to your experiences?
The good thing about being a multi-talented is; you are hands on, you learn more and you have access to the right information, you are open to many things that you get exposed to, you are not limited, you are not seasonal. However; there is a bad side about it, in some cases you confuse people, listeners and viewers are sensitive individuals, they would think maybe you are lost or maybe you have not yet find yourself.
Few years from now, where will Luyanda be in the Media and Entertainment industry?
Few years from now I see myself having my media house for voiceovers, film production and would love to have my own breakfast show for Ligwalagwala fm hosting with Amanda du Toit.
What is the Motive behind the Swazi Telenovella that you wrote?
The motive behind my Swati telenovella... mmmh you know it is so painful how swati language is not making waves in the media industry, the way it is so scarce in the entertainment sector, i feel it is time we young generation stand up and fight for the platform for our language, show the world that swati people can make it to this media industry and we must be given an opportunity, that all. and to swati people must believe in themselves
What makes a Good producer in your opinion?
Firstly a producer must have faith in his / her people (crew), believe in their input to every project, a producer must not be a dictator, at the end a project or show is not for his but for everyone. Meaning that a producer needs help to sucees from people he is working with
With a lot that is happening in the world at the moment, things such as Coronavirus, how are they affecting the Media and Entertainment industry?
I will go with general knowledge speculation of false statements first, statements which will be circulating (especially from outbreaks diseases), people believe they are from media even if they are tempered by chancers then they will be saying "haay media is a false partfom manipulating people,
Secondly; in most cases, media people are always at risk when they go gather information in places like hospitals where there are infected individuals, they may contaminate that virus while their mandate was to get fresh information and evidence to deliver to people, Another example is xenophobic attacks; media people have to be in such rough environment at any moment, the crowd can go against them in fear of being exposed being the individuals involved in such incidents
Shout Outs
I would like to first send a shout out to all people who gave me challenges (especially my enemies), without them I wouldn't be this strongest person, hustler, go getter, role model, inspirational person that i am today.
Secondly; everyone who put a hand in making my dreams come true, and shout out to my single life which makes me focus all the time ?
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