February 25, 2018

Meet M-6teen, The King of Kasi Rap

I'm a kid from a township called Ivory Park and I am known by my stage name "M6Teen" .
I'm a vernacular (kasi) rapper and Doing music is what keeps me going
Why Hip hop?
I saw hip hop as something I can use to express my feelings about everything happening around me.
Response from family and friends?
The response is positive, I get full support from my family and friends. They relate to my music.
IMG 20180223 WA0019
What is the motive behind your writings? Especially the latest "Laqhasha" ft Mickey M
Well... About the concept of the track, I liked the character "Laqhasha" from a comedy show titled "Sgud is Nice". I'm describing my music like what Laqhasha was doing on  the scene.
M 6teen 20180225 050121
Great Peopleworked with?
It has to be JasperHQ, Mickey M, iKilla, Fistola, Tweezy and Dj Sliqe... just to name a few...
You appeared on the programme *One Mic* that plays on *SABC 1* and you won some battles, how was the experience and what was the key that you used to win those battles?
Well... I had a great experience there... And I won because on that stage I was just being me.
IMG 20180223 WA0018
One word to describe M-6teen?
Who intimidates you around your hood?
There's a lot of them
Word of Inspiration
All I can is that "Be yourself and nobody else but You"! Believe in yourself in everything you do. Faith is key.
Catch M-6teen On:
Facebook - M6Teen SA
Twitter - @M6Teen_85
Instagram @M6TEENSA
That's where people can get my music
Shout outs
I'd like to send a Shout Out to my mother...She's the one who raised a King
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