January 29, 2018

Meet Mac Loud, "Still Shining"

Mac Loud is a no holds barred part of who Mbulelo is, he is my voice, my thoughts, opinions and through Mac Loud people can get to know ME on a more personal level.
People are used to seeing you appear on their TV screens doing something different from music, would you say music was your hidden talent or it came before acting?
Music for me has always been there, even through the many years of acting music was there, I'd always be more interested in listening to the underground hip hop since high school than what was mainstream purely because of the deeper messages told. I had friends who made music and I would assist with the song writing and such but it wasn't until 2017 where I decided to fully go into it myself.
Is there any difference between the character "Scelo" on Scandal, Mbulelo in everyday life and Mac Loud the hip hop artist?
Vast differences as well as a few similarities.. The differences would be that Scelo is more reserved and Mbulelo is more in between where as Mac Loud holds nothing back, the similarities however would be that all 3 have a great work ethic.
Great artists or organizations that you worked with on the Hip hop game?
Seeing as it's quite a new thing me coming out in music I haven't actually done too much in terms of collaborating mainly because I want people to get used to my sound first, but I've done a couple of collaborations across the hip hop and afro pop genres and all I can say is people can expect a lot of versatility in my music.
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What's the motive behind the track "Still Shining"?
It's mainly a track about claiming one's "rightful" position if you will.. Many people go through negative situations in life and people are very quick to judge or celebrate one's "downfall" the track simply sends a message to all the "haters" and "naysayers" as well as bringing a fresh sense of hope and renewal.
You are now in the music chapter, are people still going to see you acting or it will be all about music and nothing else?
I've never been a one trick pony so I'm not about to start now.. Going into music doesn't mean the end of my acting chapter .. In fact I've always done a lot more than acting such as being and entrepreneur, being a director and writer so music is simply another addition to my skill set.
Response from family and friends on your music journey?
Family was more surprised than anything since I've always kept this music dream to myself but with friends it was more of a "it's about time" kind of reaction.
"Mac Loud" How did you come up with that stage name?
My second name is McCloud which is of Scottish origin, Mac Loud is just a play on my second name .. I wanted something that means something to me and that is a part of who I am.
One word to describe Mac Loud?
Follow Mac Loud on;
Instagram: @mac_loud_sa
Twitter: @mac_loud_sa
Facebook page: Mbulelo MacLoud Katise
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Word of Inspiration
In this world people are going to have an opinion about you whether you do good or bad so care less about what think and do more of what makes you happy, whatever that may be.
Shout out;
Shouts to the ones who been riding with me since day one, I'm about to take it to the next level so watch the space.

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