December 18, 2017

Meet Tory Blaze, a Living Legend in the Making

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Meet Tory Blaze. Real name “Rito Baloyi” a musician hailing all the way from Limpopo.
Born on the 24th of July in 1995, Tory Blaze has always been a passionate musician since the age of 8. Living in a family that loved music, Tory Blaze’s attention was focused on hip hop/rap music.
In primary school, Tory would always rap to his classmates, by the time he got to high school he was already a recording artist, he had already gained popularity in his community. He was known for his volatile delivery and channeling real life situations in a song.
Later on Tory had to move from his birth place and home to stay in Joburg and pursue his music as a career .It was in 2015 when he released a song entitled “Sober” which was accepted very well by people in Soweto. He then began doing gigs and he was getting bookings left and right. After his second release “24 hours in Jozi”, the city began noticing Tory Blaze and was labeled the underground king mostly for finding a way to blend commercial music with underground and for an independent artist.
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Tory Blaze has been doing very well. His biggest victory thus far was performing alongside the well-known hip hop sensation Kwesta. It is only a matter of time before everyone recognized him.
The Hood Cash Records: introduction for our new recording artist, Tory Blaze a songwriter and a hard working entertainer.
We are now working on his craft and image as we have seen how humble he is. As a good song writer and a good entertainer, the audience loves his performances. The Hood Cash Records is a new and every well-organized label looking for new talent to explore. Tory Blaze is our second independent artist we are working with now. Before we knew Tory Blaze, we have seen him performing several occasion, he teamed up with Young2-SwiTch in several occasions performing around in June 25 2016 they were both opening act for Kwesta’s “Drug awareness campaign”. Since then Tory Blaze and Young2-SwiTch have been friends, they started sharing ideas and stage several times in Clubs, Pub, Casinos.
Young2-SwiTch, also known as Shepard Vonani Masiya is the Co-Founder of The Hood Cash Records. He happened to share the same vision with Tory Blaze and that was the reason why they teamed up as musicians and entertainers.
We are looking forward to work with our National Radio stations, television and Community Radio stations to give these young and talented musicians a chance to be heard. We can only provide good music and entertainment to the audience around the world
Get your updates about Tory Blaze’s music journey at:
Facebook: Rito Minatii
Twitter: Tory Blaze

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