March 29, 2019

Moral Da Prince | South African Rapper (Tembisa)

Thulani Ncube (born May 12, 1994), professionally known as Moral Da Prince is a South African rapper, songwriter, and actor. He is consistently cited as one of the Driven and influential musicians
Residence: Tembisa Gauteng in South Africa
Other names: Da Prince
Occupation: Rapper, Songwriter and Actor
Years active: 2010–present
Moral Da Prince had his first radio interview in January 2016 after dropping his smash hit titled "Did It Before" which gave him recognition, now many people know him. Later on the same year (mid) he was Nominated in The Nigerian Online Awards (POMA) for Best Rap Single for his jam "The Story"
On the 5th of August 2017 Da Prince released his first project "I'm Human EP" which is a very exciting and full of life EP that grew his fan base around the hood, later on the same year he released his first two music Videos that got people interested in to knowing more about him
In 2018 Moral Da Prince gave us his 3rd and 4th music video in association with (Watch Visuals and La Vida Loca) production companies he works with in his music videos, his following grew up and people wanted to know much about this aspiring, driven artist ,with his poor background he kept his mind positive with a belief that nothing and no one can stop him from growing and giving his fans what they want which in nothing but good music
January 2019, he released another hot Single entitled "NaNa" produced by EM ONE, one of his Producers from Tembisa. The song got a radio play on its 2nd day of release, he then released its music video at the end of the very same month, people loved it, as he always has something for his fans he is about to give them his 6th Music video of his turn up track entitled "About It" produced by his two favourite producers (Sfiso VIP Beats & Em One)
In Addition, Thulani "Moral Da Prince" Ncube is an independent artist and grew up in a not well-financially stable background with his dad, siblings and stepmom, he says his journey has been the hardest but exciting at the same time as it makes him more strong and independent
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Facebook - Moral Da Prince
Twitter - @Moral_DaPrince
Instagram - @moral_daprince
YouTube - Moral Da Prince
Artist: Moral Da Prince
Title: NaNa (Audio)
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