May 13, 2020

Most Knew Him as "Mahlori" on Giyani Land of Blood but there's More Greatness behind Tsonga Noel, Such as...

Story teller - actor (both screen play and theatre), writer, voice-over (Both radio and screen), Music producer.
Born in Limpopo, Giyani, Zava Village. 1997 - 01 - 11. Noel Matriculated in 2014 at the age of 17. and enrolled for Sport Management (2015) in Tshwane University of Technology. in 2016 he decided not to register to follow his high-school dream of wanting to be an actor. But due to being disadvantaged, being far from theatres and art centre, he had to go to Soweto where he started at a Community theatre managed by a closed friend Paul Noko named Dala Arts Community Theatre in Soweto in 2016, after few months in theatre, he audition to study N Dip Drama in Tshwane University of Technology and got accepted to study in the year 2017. In 2017 he enrolled at the university, which he is still studying at as a Third year student.
By 2007 Noel was already an actor having being featured in a lot of sketch dramas in church and also got featured in 2014 in a performance dedicated for his principal on his farewell to retirements. In 2016, Noel auditioned in the MTV Shuga but he didn't make it through the audition panel. By 2017 he was featured in theatre (school's projects) Festival after festival, namely; Rostrum Relloute, Dir-Action,s Verve and voice, and he only managed to audition once for Skeem-Saam for the character "Noah", but due language limitation he didn't make it through. Again in 2018 he was heavily featured in these school projects, same year he went to audition again for MTV Shuga and didn't not make it again (2018). In 2019 Noel landed his first television role in the SABC 2 - Xitsonga telanovela called Giyani Land Of Blood, playing the character of Mahlori Pero Baloyi.
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When did you start realizing that you have a Gift of Acting?
At first it was in church when we used to create our own sketches. Then in 2011, I was in consideration of making it a career from a hobby ... But never really got the chance cos of lack of information on how to be an actor. In 2014 I was featured on a farewell party celebration which in the program they had A drama and it drew everyone's attention that I had it in me. And some of them that were in with us.
Who is your Main Role Model in the entertainment industry and Why?
Honestly speaking. I have none. Always been inspired by actors who can show their versatility and those who are able not to lie but connect with the audience. Charles Baloyi, Nico Makhabele, Fumani Shilubani and many legends to mention. But Sdumo Mtshali is the reason I wanted to venture in acting. He's studied it in Durban University of Technology and went to win the Amstel class act. That was ignition to me.
Would you say Acting is Talent or a Skill?
Acting is both a skill and talent. Acting like music has techniques and you have to master the technique, as a talent you have to nature it
What is your response to the "Language Limitations" in the entertainment industry?
My view is that all is hard for a black person in SA. It's something that is still coming for all the languages too. Not only Xitsonga but also the likes of Isiswati and other Nguni languages.
What is the Story Behind the Community Theater "Dala Arts"?
Dala Arts is a community theatre, it's serves primarily as the foundation with Writing, Acting, singing, performance, Directing, marketing, promptly class to foundation phases and the youth. Bringing back culture, education, entertainment and the amusing techniques of theatre and it's history.
That's where I met the founder Paul Noko Maja and he was then my neighbor. I worked my ambition and endurance in learning.
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You are also into Trap/Hip hop world, How do you survive in the music world together with Acting?
??. Yeah aye. I been doing and still in the music ever since 2007 at the love life project as part of poetry. Had to actually leave for more ambition to literally rap solo. Couldn't record for a while, till I met Perfect "Ndzalama Nukeri" and Maodi "Audrick Ngobeni", that's when Most Intelligent Boys "M.I.B" came about. We spent some time planning till we record in 2011, hardcore diss track. Went on to perform with DNP, DUG, Sphola, Amunation and some others. Not long we disbanded. I went solo, to release "The life I deserve" performed in various places include at school Zava High. Then reunion with M.I.B now with Chizz Collins. Released a mixtapes... Still with them homies on the crew. Still doing art separately. Now I make beats, more on trap beats. I trap in Tsonga and other languages. I can rap and tell a story or poem.
I sell beats. Just name the genre and I give it my creative. With the fusion of mixtures from views.
Tsonga Noel... What is the Story behind that Stage name?
Tsonga Noel. Yeah Aye. My Name is Noel Ntshuxeko Baloyi. Nicknames: KC, Touché, Shorty 6, Trap Gawd, Koel 'n Cruel. Tsonga Noel is the name I feel very humbled and proud. ..."Mina ni Mtondolovhani, ni gwambe, ni Waka Ncila ava ololi. So kahle ka kahle ni rhangela ndzavuko na ririmu ra manana." Tsonga Noel - _Nyiko i Ntshuxeko_ that's more about identity.
What is the difference between Tsonga Noel and Mahlori from Giyani Land of Blood?
I really won't have much on this. But lemme say that's two people and in different world. Life is real, so is Acting. Two worlds though cause I tap into another being's life.
Few Years to come, Where will Tsonga Noel be?
Neh. Life it's almost about revealing and finding. I guess we will see the fruit. It's only hope and work.
Shout Outs
?. Shout out to cameras, doing the most. Na tlanga. Shout to you Ralph J for reaching out. Shout Out M.I.B. Shout out To Paul Noko, Shout to Rejoinder and Volkano, Shout out to Vest, Shout out Nico Mkhabele. And everyone especially my family mom and grandma. ??

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