December 3, 2019

Mthimb@ni Explains why he's the King of Tsonga Rap | Latest Single "I'm Gone" Out Now

Thembinkosi Thethwayo A.K.A Mthimb@ni da tsonga rapper, born in 1992/08/27, went to Shiphamele Primary School and dropped out at Baranuka High School in grade 10.
"I'm from Limpopo/Phalaborwa and been doing music since 2012.
I've started with my first producer and chorus singer Thabza Boy, Sister Loveness, J.T.K & I.K, Daniel Brothers and more, I've worked with Xgubu xa Thabza Production in 2012, Brian Force in 2013, Twice is Nice in 2014, from 2015 to 2019 was signed by Masingi Music Prodution, I got nominated in 2015 and 2016 at Munghama Lonene FM, got nominated again at Limpopo Music Awards in 2017, I again got Nominated at Munhana Lonene FM in 2019 and won one award so far, I've worked with a lot of arstists like; Themba Nyathi, Dj Gami, Sunglen, Prince Rhangani and more, I've performed to many events such as Marula, Phangweni Vibes and shared stages with the likes of Nasty C, Ricky Rick, K.O, Ntando, Kwesta and more.

From where you've started to now, how was the journey in the Tsonga Rap industry?
The journey was tough and still is, its not easy to survive especially with the language I'm using and full of corruption


What else does Mthimbani does besides Music?
So far what I do is music only


What is the Good and the Bad thing about Tsonga Rap in your hood?
The good is that poeple are supporting me well, i belive is because of the language, because they can hear every word I say but Jealousy is there too


Would you consider yourself as the King of Tsonga Rap or there's someone whom you can give the title to?
I don't want to brag but the way I deliver my messages, I see no one who can do it the way I do, my Rhymes, Flows and Style, I'm the only Tsonga Rapper who spit my Style, so I dont consider anyone


How is the response from Family and Friends towards your Music Journey?
Friends are responding well, though some are pretending but most like what i do and always encourage me to go forward...
About family, they dont even bother to listen, they dont understand my gift and the genre I chose makes it worse


What makes a Good Rapper in your Opinion
If u don't put ur eyes on Money but concentrate on building ur Name and make hits, Money will come to You.
Socialize with poeole, work with other artists, work hard and don't be shy or afraid to take a risk.
Never listen to people who critisizes You, dont mix Your music with Alcohol, Smoking stuff and Girls. You must feel what You do and love it.
Practice makes perfect, move around the world, Promote Yourself and stay Strong... Don't Give Up

IMG 20191203 WA0013
What do you mostly write about on your music and why?
I talk about life, because I belive music heals, so I want to toutch lonely souls, confused minds and stressed hearts.
I'm don't talk about money, cars and girls because I dont have, even if i do have, it what will poeple learn if I tell them that im living large? I want poeple to get a story on my music because this is not just someting I want to do, it is something i was born with, so I belive God sent me to speak with soul's...


Mthimb@ni... Where is this Stage name coming from?
I never wanted to be "Lil bla bla", Wizzy this and that... no. I wanted to be different, so this name came from the name Themba, Themba is not my real name, it is a short cut, my real name is Thembinkosi... and today this name is easy for kidz and grannies to pronounce... so yah!


Please tell us about your Latest Single "I'm Gone"
My latest track "I'm Gone"... I talk about leaving the team I was serving, because it's been 5 years and the manager has done nothing to change my music or make me reach my levels.
Some of the new mambers of the team start hating and jealous and the manager took sides, so i was no longer safe, I felt like I'm sarounded by strangers so i took a desicion...


Shout Outs
My daughter, My First bone Rivoningo...I love her so much...


You can find me on:
Facebook - Mthimb@ni Thethwayo
Instagram - Mthimb@ni Thethwayo
YouTube - Mthimb@ni...
Stream and Download "I'm Gone" on the Link Below :
Mthimb@ni - I'm Gone


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