January 24, 2020

Mthunzi Releases His Debut Album titled "SELIMATHUNZI"

After the release of the hit singles “Vuka” and “Insimbi X Sun-El Musician” last year, which earned him a fast-growing following, up and coming young artist Mthunzi has announced the release of his debut album titled SELIMATHUNZI, which means sunset in isiZulu, the album is presented in the singer’s native tongue and boasts an experimental sound that fuses various genres.
Stream/Listen to “Selimathunzi” Here: https://Mthunzi.lnk.to/Selimathunzi
“As Africans we must take pride in our heritage and we must present to the world our own style of music; singing in our own vernacular does just that,” says the new kid on the block. “I hope listeners will receive and appreciate my music without limitations.”
A hybrid of Maskandi, House, Afro-pop and R&B, SELIMATHUNZI features 16 tracks, which was written by the artist with the support of a number of featured artists: Sun-El Musician, Simmy, Ami Faku, S-Tone, Sino Msolo and Claudio X Kenza. Nine months in the making, the young singer says the album was inspired by music from around the world.
While Mthunzi describes each song as special, the one closest to his heart is Phondo Olukhulu, a song of appreciation dedicated to the El World Music family – he signed with El World Music in 2017. He believes, however, that Ngibambe La, which boasts an exciting experimental sound, has great potential to be a hit.
Incidentally, Ngibambe La is the first single to be released off SELIMATHUNZI. A mix of Pop and House, the song is an expression of love. “Ngibambe La not only expresses love, but also states publicly that my girl is taken. With its slow tempo, it is an easy-listening song with a message that is very relatable,” he explains. “I am very grateful towards the El World Music team,” says Mthunzi, “as they assisted with the song selection and were instrumental in the arrangement of the songs on the album.”
According to the young singer, his biggest challenges over the course of compiling the album were operating at a faster than usual pace, and the pressure of working among acclaimed musicians.
The rising local star, who comes from Hammarsdale, a small town in KwaZulu-Natal, believes that music is a gift given to him by God. It was his mother who first discovered his gift and who encouraged him to develop it and share it with the world. “Music is my life. I have been perfecting my musical gift from a very young age, through playing various instruments and performing in my community. It has been a rollercoaster journey with many challenges, but I have persevered,” he says.
As he earns the respect of fellow artists and audiences across the country with his unique sound, Mthunzi happily shares his greatest life lesson – cast no judgement. “I was raised by my grandparents who instilled in me the value of showing respect to all, no matter who they are.”
This, along with his innate talent and work ethic, is set to propel the rising young star forward.
SELIMATHUNZI is available for download on all participating digital streaming platforms.

  1. Elentulo
  2. Kwaphela U Ink
  3. Ngibambe la ft. Claudio X Kenza
  4. Vuka
  5. Selimathunzi ft. Simmy
  6. Umlilo ft. S-Tone
  7. Uyathandeka ft. Ami Faku
  8. Uhlale ekhona
  9. Dubai
  10. Umaqondana
  11. Insimbi X Sun-El Musician
  12. Zigi Zigi
  13. Phondo Olukhulu
  14. Ngiyajabula
  15. Yena
  16. Sayitsheni ft. Sino Msolo

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mthunziworld/
Instagram: @mthunzisa
Twitter: @mthunzisa

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