June 26, 2018

Mzani's Shooting Star K-N9NE Unleashes The Pit Bull Mode

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I go by the name K-N9NE, a Hip Hop Artist from Klerksdorp in the North West Province. I recorded my first song in 2009, so I have been doing this for about 9 years now.
Who or what got you into Hip hop?
In High School I was the only white guy, so I was listening to a lot of Hip Hop during break time. Until I decided that I would like to start writing my own songs.
If you weren’t in Hip hop, what would you do?
I probably would’ve been an IT Specialist.
What is the Best and worst thing about Hip hop according to your experience?
The worst thing about Hip Hop is the amount of jealousy fellow artists has towards each other and the best thing would have to be the results of your long hard work in the game. Just to see the happiness on fans faces when you entertain them.
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What is the motive behind your writings? Especially your latest track.
Normally to tell a story, but not going away from the fact that the music needs to move the people.
K-N9NE, what is the story behind this stage name?
Being a white guy that raps isn’t a common image to come across, so being in this game I needed to be vicious, and I couldn’t call myself pit bull, so I decided to try the name used for all species of dogs, and the stage name K-N9NE was used.
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What achievements do you have through Hip hop?

  • Finalist of South Africa's Got Talent 2015.
  • Opened stage for Cassper Nyovest in 2014.
  • National Finalist of the SAADA auditions held by Arthur Mafokate
  • Won 2 Awards at the Matlosana Entertainment Music Awards - Best Rap Song of the year and Best Performer
  • Got First Place in the Music Category of the Traditional Calabash Auditions 2015.

What are the amazing places have you travelled that made you fall more in love with Hip hop?
Durban has to be one of my favorite places that I have visited because I had got a lot of inspiration for writing new music the time I was there.
Who are the great artists or organizations you’ve worked with and or the ones you are about to work with in the Music industry?
Towdee Mac from Morafe, MarazA, and I would like to keep my upcoming features a surprise.
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On Instagram follow @k9_za
On Twitter follow @9musicSA
And on YouTube simply search K-N9ne
Word of Motivation
Never give up on your dreams, if it’s destined for you, your time will come.
Shout Outs
A Big Shout out to all the Fans that support me. The road isn’t easy, but walking through it with them makes the journey easier.

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