May 12, 2018

Namibian Rapper "RISK" Discovers His Rap Skills by Mistake

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Risk (Real name Don Phillip) is a Namibian (A country in the Southern parts of Africa) Rapper and Composer from the group Young Ballers.
He began writing poems at the age of 11 and discovered his rapping skills by 'mistake' at the age of 13 when they had freestyle battles in class and on one occasion, somebody dissed him. Choosing not to be left embarrassed in front of his crush back then, he decided to drop a freestyle dissing back the opponent. To his surprise, the whole class was nodding their heads back and forth going with his flow. He received a lot of applause from the class and they declared him winner of the battle. The class thought he was an experienced rapper while it was his first time.
The rest is history.
However, before all that, he listened to Tupac, Eminem and R. Kelly.
Risk is a poet and lyricist who always tries to transfer his emotions into the music he does. He calls his music 'Sentimental Rap' with 'Dark thoughts', his song writing skills are a shadow of his poems.
His music is based on personal experience and of those around him. With the ability to speak more than four international languages, he brings flavours of French and Portuguese to his music that is generally in English. Risk knows all about life in the streets and always says; “Just because i have no tattoos and scars on my face, don't mean I'm not from the streets!” Risk has had mixed experiences in his life that he claims 'Needs a book and a movie'
Risk is the sound engineer of Young Ballers, he has been producing and helping other upcoming artists in Namibia using his own resources for the past five years.
In addition to that, he has worked with the Industrie’s greats. With the likes of the late Eclipse, Bertholdt, Desmond, JBlack who are all Namibians and international producers such as Crank Lucas, Anno Domini and Maxxon Priddy from the USA.
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He recently dropped his debut tape titled Listen At Own Risk which is available in all online streaming platforms. His music is featured in two major Spotify playlists with over 100k listeners combined.
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Artist website:
Facebook: @RiskDaDon
Instagram: @hard_risk
Twitter: @risk_hard

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