January 13, 2019

"Nasty C is My Role Model" Says NastyKiid

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Nastykiid whose full name is Nhluleko Duncan Mavasa is a south African Rapper, Song writer and Graphic designer. I was born on the 24th of June 2002 in Elim, Limpopo, South Africa.
I was raised by my Sister as my mother was attacked by a deadly disease and passed away when I was 13.
The person who first introduced me to the hip hop industry is a local artist from Jane Furse ,Limpopo, South Africa who goes by the name Mdove Da Bird.
Mdove Da Bird is the first person who offered me a chance to record my first track at his studio and was also the one who was inspiring and spreading a word about me on the streets and on social media .
I started Song writing at the age of 14, being influenced by Unlock The Swagg (UTS). This is a hip hop crew in Jane furse, Limpopo, South Africa. I worked on my first project entitled “No vibe” in 2017 which was produced by Mdove Da Bird .I Later then started to record songs at a local studio called MBK Records As I Moved To Majosi, Limpopo, South Africa .
At the moment I've only managed to feature fellow local artists such as King Mesh, Anthony Lyrical and DJ R man., due to financial problems I haven't managed to feature any local legend .
Who are The Artists that you wish to work with in the near future?
The legends I hope to feature Throughout my music career are Kraizie, Nasty C, Kid X, Kid Tini, A Reece And Kwesta as they are the people I look up to as my role models.
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What is The Motive behind your Writings?
The motive behind my writings are the things I've encountered in my life. I write about the flaws I did, The Heart-breaking moments I've been through, my lifestyle, who I wish to be, my role models and the vibe.
What is the story behind Your Stage Name NastyKiid?
My stage name was given to me by my friend from Jane furse who was also part of the people who motivated and helped me to get the fan base I have today and also to have a name in the music industry .
The projects I've worked on are as follows :
No vibe
No smoking zone
Turn up (&King Mesh)
For real (&King Mesh)
Ain't yours
Pray (&King Mbuyzo)
Offlane(&Anthony Lyrical) MbhaleleMbhale(DJ R man & King mbuyzo)
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What is the Motive behind your Writings?
At the moment I'm working on an Album which is titled Dreams (extended play ).
Dreams Ep is a 7 track album that will be featuring Ab pase,Chazzy Montana lion the rebel and hopefully Kraizie .Dreams Ep is motivated by Nasty C who is currently my Role Model. Dreams Ep will be produced by different producers from different places.The Ep will be uploaded on SoundCloud, Spotify, Datafilehost,YouTube and Audiomack
What keeps you going as an artist?
What keeps me going is the motivation I get from the fan base ,family and friends as they usually say good things about my music which inspires me to keep pushing and working towards delivering more Music. They usually say that in the next three years I will be far with my music career and if I keep up the good work I will soon be a brand that everyone looks up to. this kind of words help me to keep pushing and to be always at my best .I've achieved a lot through the power of their motivation
Shout Outs
I would like to send a shout out to my manager who so happens to be my brother and to my friends & Family and more especially my fans.
Follow Nastykiid on:
Facebook: Nastykiid SA
Instagram: @Nastykiid_101
WhatsApp: 0728138320


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