April 13, 2019

No Boundaries for Dolly Charmaine, Her Latest "Indifferent EP" Shaking Media already

Dolly is the 3rd born child of 3 children, she was born and raised in Lamontville Durban . She comes from a well known musical family in the township as they call themselves 'TheMdletshe' brothers and sisters, she was therefore born with the Talent. Dolly sang her first Solo in grade 4. Before that, her school teachers had already spotted her talent in singing and acting even though she was abit shy back then.
Her love for entertainment grew during her years in high school as she was in the choir and entered school singing competitions. Dolly wrote her first song in 2013 as she was working with a sound engineer at the Durban Music House. Throughout her years working in retail she then decided to focus on what she is really good at and pursue her music career as well as acting and presenting.
She has worked with (Sakhile Khoza)Dj Dansanie, Zero3one ,G entertainment , DoneSolid entertainment -Alcupoem(Eugene Mpilo) , Boom Productions-Lombo (Sboniso ) and has performed in various events such as The Durban picnic, Run Durban events, Amabhubesi Rally , as her song with Zero3one called 'Bigger dreams' is making listeners turn heads followed by the latest single "No more' with Dj Soweto and Youngie J.
Dolly has hosted her own show on U.K. Online radio station Deeplomatikk radio and is a voice over artist and translator on the Craze@ etv's Coolcatz show. She has also been seen on a few episodes of SABC 1s Mnandi me as well as The 1s and 2s.
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Who is That One Artist that you look at and be like... "I want to get there or beat that Level!"?
Beyonce Knowles! I've always looked up to her, not only in the musical side of things but how she respects her business and runs it.
How is the response from Family and Friends towards your Music Journey?
It was much easier in the beginning maybe because they thought it was a hobby and I wouldn't pursue an entire career in music so I guess it has been difficult for them to see the struggle that comes with the hustle.
Friends however have never doubted that I will do this and succeed but I must say with both ends the support is getting better and I can't stress enough how much it means to me.
You are so multi-talented, how do you balance music and the all other activities that you do?
Music comes naturally so it's not so difficult for me to write a song any day with whatever given time, in fact entertainment as a whole I think I was born for, it has never been a struggle getting the work done I love working I wish I could be more busy, as a matter of fact. Not only am I multi talented I sure can multitask.
What is the good and the worst thing about being an artist according to Your Experiences?
The good thing about being an artist is that you get to live and express your passion, that for me is the ultimate happiness and the bad thing is that it's very difficult to get from the ground up, especially if you're a female artist, you come across too many dream sellers and opportunists and you're always putting money out with no money coming in, that's the biggest struggle of the come up, getting yourself out there.
What is the Motive behind your Writings?
The main motive behind my lyrics is Expression, how I express myself is hope that whoever is listening could have the courage to express themselves freely, to feel motivated, inspired and relate to what I am saying. I always hope people understand what I'm trying to say and that's what my latest EP is about, the indifference of Life's experiences.
What are the mistakes do you think upcoming artists do that makes their music not to go anywhere?
Upcoming artists like recording songs without a purpose, when you record without a purpose that song will most probably go into a kept file and before you know it you have an archive filled with unreleased music because you don't have the funds to get out, I don't see the need of recording a hundred songs not knowing what for and how I'm planning on releasing them. Most often don't understand the business side of the music industry, you need to get info on the business and treat your artistry like any other corporate business out there.
Some Upcoming artists just lack information and sometimes mainly it's the funds and connects you need either or one of these to succeed.
What are the amazing places did your Music take You and which one amongst all was your favorite?
I remember once saying I have never been out of Durban before but ever since I felt ready to embark on this journey, not only with music but entertainment makes you visit amazing places and people, you are able to stand on big stages and share them with big artists. However nothing can be as amazing until I fly off international. So with that said I haven't found the favourite one.
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There are so many Ladies or Girls that wish to be like Dolly Charmaine, What are the Wise Words that keep you going as an artist that you can invest to other Ladies?
Faith! You must always have faith in yourself, potential and life in general, I live by a Latin motto that quotes "Quisque sibi verus" meaning To thyn ownself be true and by all means this has carried me through life , know your purpose be as stubborn as a bullfrog about it.
What Motivated you not to think of a stage name and stick to your original names?
I loooooove originality I had initially thought since there's Dolly Parton and Dolly Rathebe in the industry I'll call myself "TheDoll" because friends called me that at some point until I realized what can be more original than my own name I mean they work it's a brand and I'm very conscious when it comes to branding.
What is that one thing about you that you think people will be shocked to know of?
Probably the fact that I'm not gender specific.
Facebook: Dolly Chamaine
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Instagram: @dollychamaine_
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Shout Outs
Shout out to Father God man, I thank that nigger for Jesus they gave me incredible supporters and I'll forever be grateful for that.
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