November 13, 2023

Phambili nge War Hit Maker; Flash Cortez Reacts to His Song Going viral | Gwijo| The Springboks | The Fans + More

Who is your main inspiration in this hip hop game?

• My inspiration took a lot of early inspiration from the politically-charged music of Public Immortal Technique and Ice Cube, also versatile artists like Shebib 40 Noah and Zoocci Coke Dope. Their art and skills shaped my skill at a young age, I was probably in grade 4 when I started. But currently is Shebib 40 Noah and Zoocci Coke Dope.

What is the good and the bad thing about hip hop around your hood?

• The good thing about hip-hop in my hood is that it’s still alive. People respect it and also love it cause we even have Hip-Hop events sometimes. But the bad thing is the hate that these hip hop artists have on one another. Instead of helping each other grow, they let pride rule over them which forces most of the artists including me to work with artists out of our hood.

How did your hit “Phambili nge War” come about and how is the feeling now that it is going viral on social networks?

Phambili Nge War has been my favourite Gwijo song so when it started popping, I realized that it was the hardest song to remix. There was no producer who even tried to upload their remix so I decided to challenge myself and stop everything and worked on it.

After finishing the project, I was doubting it cause I knew I'd be the first one to upload it and obviously everyone was gonna focus on me. But after a week I uploaded it on tiktok on the 7th of September then it got 100K views and over 50 positive comments in less than 24hrs then on the 9th, I uploaded it on YouTube and that's when it went more viral.

Honestly speaking, the feeling is hard to explain, it's inexplicable. Many people know me now cause of it. It made me experience the feeling of taking pictures with strangers in plubic who turn to be your biggest fans.

Phambili Nge War made a name for myself and almost everyone in South Africa know who created Phambili Nge War and some even recognize me in public.

The most important memory I'll never forget is when the Springboks posted a video of them on social media training while playing it as a soundtrack. And being the first song to be played at Central University of Technology, Free State after we've won the world cup. It was played during the live stream and students even ran to me dancing and singing as if I was the one who won the world cup. The love I receive from South Africans is amazing

How is the response from friends and family towards your music?

• All my family members and friends support me and also encourage me to push and work harder and they also believe in me and believe that music will help me change my home situation

What makes a good rapper according to your opinion and experiences?

• What makes a good rapper is discipline, being humble and consistency. Also allowing yourself as a rapper to learn from others regardless of levels you at compared to other rappers. What I've learned is that people won't love every song you release, and that doesn't mean you should be weak or feel like quiting, if they don't like a certain project, you have to highlight their comments and allow yourself to learn from your mistakes and try to fix what they don't like. Discipline, Humbleness and Consistency create a good rapper.

Few years to come, where will Flash Cortez be?

• In years to come, Flash Cortez will be known as one of the best multi talented rappers globally and also owning a successful record label which I have started this year called "R-CitY Recordz"

Flash Cortez… What is the story behind this stage name?

• So when I started my name was only "Flash". That described my character and signature as a rapper cause when I started, almost everyone knew me as a fast rapper. I used to rap fast in all of my songs but I still do even now but not all the time, so Flash was derived from "The Flash" who's known as the fastest superhero. 

So I added "Cortez" cause I felt like my name was not that unique. So Cortez come from a man called "Wlliam Cortez" in history who used to be known as one of the best killers. So since many people characterize me as someone who's always killing beats on both rapping and composing, I decided to add 'Cortez' after 'Flash' cause William was my favourite character. so in short, I rap fast and I don't just rap, I also kill beats.

Shout Outs 

• I'd like to give shoutouts to my mother, my family, friends, my fans cause without them I wouldn't be where I am, to all the well-known musicians who are recognizing me and giving me good comments and advices and most importantly the Almighty God for blessing me with multiple talents.

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