October 12, 2019

Pursuing His Late Brother's Dream, The Rapper Bizzy Gee gives his All to Keep the Fire Burning! Ngeke Ba Lunge

Given Samson Kama, Famously Know As Bizzy Gee is a young rapper from South Africa in Pretoria, he was born on the 18th of December 2000 and he grew up in Soshanguve ext 9B. Bizzy Gee is a natural Born rapper who is hungry for success in The South African Music industry and beyond, he grew up listening to the legends like Lil Wayne, Ace hood, Cassper Nyovest, J.Cole, Nas, Nick Minaj, Eminem and 2pac. Thats when he gets most of his inspiration from and he also was inspired by his late uncle Bizzy K, Bizzy Gee started rapping at the age of 10... it was a heart beat so he didn't want people to know that he Raps. Bizzy Gee felt that this musical Journey has been a calling, after all is his first love. He's been writing rhymes when he was thirteen years old and at the age of 16 is where he dropped his single called "Dreams" that he produced himself, Bizzy Gee is ready for everything
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Who or What got you into Hip hop? 
I Got Into Hip hop Because I Loved Since I was Young and Inspired by My Late Uncle Bizzy K
Who is your inspiration behind most of your lyrics? 
I think is My Late Uncle Bizzy K and My Self cause everytime I think of a song, I write about things that are happening or I've been through
Your next project "On My Way" What is the story behind it?
It talks about my music journey, My Hood and things I've been through or happening now
What is the Story behind your Stage name?
After My Late Uncle Bizzy K passed away, there was nobody in the Family who was willing to make his dreams to come true, So I had to take the Bizzy from his stage name and put G with double ee's, that's how I got the name and I'm always Busy
What is the inspiration behind your record label Mofire records?
I Got The inspiration from Cassper Nyovest and Nas. I see most young and talented rappers don't have money to buy Beats, so like I'm willing to help where I can help
How is the response from your family and friends towards your music? 
My Family love what I I'm doing, they are proud of me and so as my friends, they love what I am doing... some don't love what I am doing but will never tell you, but I see that
What is the good and the bad thing about hip hop in your hood?
I don't think there is a good thing about Hip hop in my hood... The bad thing is... I think they hate Hip hop in my hood because they know that I'm a rapper but they don't have support.
2019 10 12 22.09.44
What is the difference between the responses from your fans to your first single and your latest single 
My First Single's response was hurtful... people were talking sh*t, So I had to make sure that I love and stick to what I'm doing. My latest single's responses were like "You dropped a Hit... I'm impressed by your work"... I now feel the love so that's why I'm Willing to drop an Ep
Shout Outs:
To Cassper Nyovest, Zoocci Coke Dope , Touchline , Blaklez , My Family And Everybody Who Is Supporting Me From My Day One


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