August 29, 2017

Quali on building his Empire

IMG 20170823 WA0032Quali is a musician so to say, with a lot of a broad approach towards it. Born in Mpumalanga, raised in both Tembisa & Polokwane/Bochum, which led to him to falling in love with music. Most importantly I'm a student at UL studying Bcom Business & aims to get an MBA after a few years.
How did you get into Hip hop music?
My loving mom bought me a DVD collection of music videos that I watched almost every day & I also listened to a lot of radio. All that swayed & persuaded me to start writing my own songs, of which I did, till now.
What makes Quali different from other hip hop artists?
My approach to music is very broad; I have no limit when I sit down to compose a song and my dedication to music it’s peaked because to me music isn't a hobby.
Who have you worked with on your projects?
Syk , DeeRoy, Gwizo, Phitroy, Panel, Megmafia, Motex, K Slash, Kevin Skugly, Wuster Megga, MacDoll, MSG, Syntax etc. also my label Skywalker Ent. & my joint group company, Broadway Liddingz.
What is the motive behind your latest track?
To motivate ladies to work hard & be independent. Most abuse cases are caused to women who are more dependent on the wrong people therefore independency is the only solution.
How is the response from family and friends now that you are into hip hop music?
My family is very supportive, especially my mom who taught me notes since she was gospel choir lead singer back in the days so she much understands my love for music. & yeah, my friends are supportive also so thanks to them.
One word to describe Quali?
Besides music, what else do you do?
Student at UL, and like any other motivated youngster, every day of my life I’m trying to build an empire.
Follow Quali on;
Facebook- Quali SA
Twitter: @Quali_SA
Instagram- @quali_sa or simple Google Quali SA.
Quali’s wise words
Work hard for what you love, no one will have your back more than you, so stand firm.
Shout outs
My family, my lil bros Phitroy & Clarence. Music bros ,DeeRoy, Syk, Gwizo, Motex, Panel, Wuster Megga,Jay Mocala, Dkay etc.

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