January 22, 2024

Queen of Tsonga Trap - Gee Maltown Talks Her Experiences being the only Female Rapper in her Hood (Malamulele) | Pick Your Poison + More

This is what got Gee Maltown into hip hop… My uncle Tiyani Nukeri was My biggest influence, He used to listen to the likes of Tupac, The Game and 50 Cent, that’s where I fell inlove with Hip Hop. I fell in love with music from young age

What is the good and the bad thing about being a Female Rapper around your hood?

As you know that hip hop/rap is male dominated, it’s good coz I can say that I’m the only one who is putting myself out there and also it’s hard coz the game is vicious, one needs a thick skin to just be part of the movement. The bad thing is the pressure that it comes with.

How is the response from your family and friends towards your music journey?

My dad is my biggest supporter he’s always cheering for me on my social networks, he’s a proud dad, my mom is also supportive my videos are always on her WhatsApp status I guess seeing is believing I appreciate the love and support I get at home

What is this one song that made a lot of people to know or love Gee Maltown?

Yimani nyana, My very first single I released in 2017, a lot of people still call me “Vo Cuzy va Game”… that’s a quote from the song

What is the Motive behind your song “Pick Your Poison”?

With Pick Your Poison, I was just speaking My mind, we all have that “poison”/struggle in life, I was expressing Myself hence the song is relatable

Gee Maltown… how did this stage name come about?

When I got into music, I used to call Myself Lil Gee. I was influenced by Lil Wayne but Moose (Who’s My current producer) preferred calling me Gee, then it grew on Me around 2019, I thought I should go by Gee Maltown to represent where I come from (Malamulele township)

What is this one thing you wish to change about Tsonga Rap?

Well there’s nothing more to change, Tsonga Rap is evolving. A lot of us just need exposure but Tsonga Rap is in perfect shape, I just wish we were united. That would make a huge difference, there’s a lot of talent out here.

Would you consider yourself as Queen of Tsonga Rap or there’s someone you can say they worth the crown?

My supporters call me Queen of Tsonga Trap, I guess I’m worth the crown and also; I just want to focus on growing as an artist being, a Queen comes with a lot of expectations and pressure

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Shout Outs

Shout out to Moose for teaching me everything I know, to KayFive for the role he played, to Tshepo and the team for pushing me, Quaresma for being supportive and My supporters. I extend my gratitude to everyone who is Gee Maltown’s Fan

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