February 14, 2023

Rap type Mag Moves to a .com website Domain

Hi guys, we have changed the Rap type Mag website domain from a . co . za to a . com

reason being that we are reaching out to so many countries outside africa and people trust websites more when they see a . com domain.

some countries are not familiar with the . co . za domain and might find it dodgy to visit our website if it is not a . com

also it will be very easy to remember our website as you wont struggle trying to think of what domain we used but you will just go . com at the end and find us quick.

we are happy to announce our new website address as

South African / Mzansi Hip hop / Rap Online Magazine

please note that the old . co . za still works but it will redirect you to the new website address with a . com domain.
everything still works normal. just the domain name that changed.

lets take this to the world, can we?

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