January 13, 2018

Rap type Mag, South African / Mzansi's Hip hop/ Rap Magazine

Rap type Mag is a registered Mzansi / South African music magazine founded in 2014 that features the latest news and trends in the Hip hop / Rap industry in South Africa. We interview talented artists and producers and feature their stories on what inspires them and how they have built-up a name the music industry. Stories are uploaded on the magazine’s website weekly and can hopefully inspire other talented up-and-coming artists and producers who might have lost hope or given up on their dreams.
Mzansi has so much hungry, undiscovered talent who simply need exposure or a lucky break. Knowledge of the industry as well as being able to connect with the right people can often help people trying to break into this industry who may find it tough to share their talent and beliefs. Rap Type Mag sees the opportunity to search for such hidden talent, feature their journeys and try to provide them with the exposure they need.
Since 2015, Rap Type Mag started offering hip hop / rap awards to artists and producers for their work and this will continue, with better prizes and incentives, going forward. We are also planning a Rap Type Mag clothing range with T-shirts, caps, hoodies and more to help build the brand and create awareness. Further plans include starting a record label which will represent any newly discovered talented artists as well as producing a TV documentary.
The ultimate dream is to see Rap Type Mag become the leading hip hop / rap magazine in South Africa, whilst inspiring and changing the lives of young, up-and-coming talent in South Africa.
For more information visit www.raptypemag.com and follow us on social media check us out on:
[email protected]

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