April 7, 2020

Rapper 3ple B Explains What Makes a Best Rapper and How Her EP "Verification" Opened Doors for Her

Driven by her passion for music, motivated by her dreams, Born Busisiwe Soba from Randfontein (west side of Johannesburg).
South African hip-hop awards “The Corner Cypher Top 30” 2016 Nominee for her single Titled “Thul’bheke” which is one of the songs on her B.O.T.D EP, (Because Of These Dreams). She officially released her EP on 09 August 2017, which became HYPE MAGAZINE’s “HYPEMUSIC” Most
played Songs Since 16 August 2017.
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You have so many Achievements in the music business, what are the 5 tips of Music breakthrough in Mzansi can you share to the upcoming artists out there?
• Don't conform to social standards to fit in, the game needs change.
• Remain true to yourself, trust your journey and trust your craft.
• Consistency is key.
• You need a solid team, not only that but a solid circle, people that have your best interest at heart.
•Respect everyone especially the people that support you, people that stream your music. Those people can either make you or break you.
Who or what got you into hip-hop?
I was first introduced to hip hop when I was 8 years old. However, I did not know that it was hip hop, I used to write lyrics as a way to blow off steam and escape reality, little did I know that the foundation of who I’m becoming today was being laid. I was never allowed to go play with other kids that much, my mom would rather have me in the house studying. As I grew up I later then realized that I did not own hip hop when I first heard ‘Leather So Soft’ by Lil Wayne. I played that song so much my mom ended up knowing the lyrics; she then started getting me more music from my older cousin. Then I came across Drake and other artists.
Is Rapping a talent or a Skill? What's your say in this according to your opinion?
It is both, I believe. Talent is natural, it is easier compared to the skill - Skill needs hard work and dedication more than talent does, I believe. There are
People who were just born with the talent and there are those who were not but mastered the skill. Then there are those who have both.
What is the story behind your stage name 3ple B?
A very funny story... I was in studio, I was around 16 , yeah , I was recording my verse for a song we were all recording with the boys I had no Nick name at that
time . And by " Boys" I mean the 1st crew to recruit me, it was called " Ghetto Hustle" it had another group under it which was " Terror House" I think
and I was under that and I was the only girl at that time that could rap. So I started my verse by saying " Triple B , baddest b**** ballin..." ? and continued
With my verse. After that the boys started saying “That’s your name from now going forward" and I've been Triple B ever since. I then decided to choose a deeper Meaning behind those 3 B's that connects to my name “Busisiwe" and I have always felt that I am Blessed, the rest will unfold itself as time goes and because everyone calls me " B" anyway.
What is the good and the bad thing about being a female Rapper in Mzansi according to your experiences?
I believe that there is a demand for female rappers in mzansi and platforms to support them, but the problem is they have to screen a lot of talent and more than 70% of them being mediocre or not having the right quality or properly registered on associations like Samro, Risa, Sampra, and Cappaso etc.
In addition to that, it is about how you present and promote yourself on platforms, brands and most importantly the fans because they are the ones that make everything possible.
What makes the Best Rapper?
In my opinion, I would say it takes hard work, Dedication, Consistency and Staying true to yourself and having the ability to adapt and analyze trends and not always stay on your comfort zone.
Your latest EP Verification, is the outcome the way you expected it or it went beyond your expectations?
The feedback from the verification EP was unexpected, because it was just connecting me with more likeminded artists and producers a cross the world who want to collaborate on projects and already starting off 2020 we have just released a new single Titled “This N That” with Notic a rapper from Toronto on the 1st of March. In addition, we are currently working on a project with Producers from Finland “Cut Beetlez” and we will be releasing a new single Titled Rich Cocoa soon.
Verification EP has really opened and it is still opening doors for me and I am very grateful to everyone who has streamed and given my music a platform, most importantly, the people who helped me make this project a reality BeatsbyBlass, PhilaBoi_K, One Shaman, MusicbyOTTO, Jon Snow and Sonic.
How has the response been from family and friends from then until now?
My family is very supportive, especially my mom. She is my day one from the first track I did she has been my number one fan. I am grateful for all the support
She gives all her prayers and my siblings that support and believe in my dreams.
How has the Convid-19 SA Lockdown affect the music and entertainment industry according to your experiences?
I think it has brought the industry closer together and now the ability to adapt comes to play, most artist and djs have come up with online shows and it has been a transition which has been happening for a while since everything has gone digital. Now it is just a way of funding means to monetize online and keep the revenue going and since everyone is on lockdown it is the perfect time to release music and content.
Shout Outs:
I would like to send a shout out to everyone who will get to read this article, everyone who listens to my music. A big shout out to you guys Rap Type Magazine thank you for the platform.

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