September 18, 2019

Rapper and FreeStyler Zoo concerned about the Sound Production and Marketing in the Mzansi Hip hop Game

Tshepang Mabeleng - born in Ladybrand FreeState, raised in Maseru Lesotho. His stage name which He is well known by is Zoo. A recording and performing artist who has passionate interests in composing and producing music(hip-hop), started making music when He was 11 years old under a Production of Royalty Music Group. Zoo has participated in the expansion of the music lifestyle and overall brand of hip-hop
culture in Africa, looking at it as a means of artistic expression which can be used to
communicate/express the current feeling
about the various challenges that our
generation is facing. This also includes
prospective ideas, viewpoints to take us
forward as a generation and community.
His interests and passion are invested in the commercial and business(production, marketing, events and merchandise). Touring (locally, nationally and internationally) is a means of marketing and exposing an artist to a wide audience, but as much as this is beneficial, it is very expensive for an upcoming independent artist. I have and do perform at events like Rock Your Denim, Maseru Market, Dirth Mouth Sessions and a couple more others, where I have performed alongside local artists such as L-Tore, Kat-Law, Turk, Mj Elphy and Sy just to name a few.
The current target audience (market) is the youth. The Hip-Hop culture which I am trying to promote is that of inspiration to
motivate and challenge others to be better and better by helping Africa.
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Who or what got you into Hip hop?
I grew up listening to a lot of T.I and Jay Z.  I loved Hip Hop since my Primary School years and there I developed the love of writing and rapping! A cousin of mine was the one who actually fueled me up to take my skills to another level in Hip Hop.
How would you imagine life without hip hop? 
I've never thought of my life without Hip Hop because I treat it like a culture that it is! It saved me from a lot of Stress and Struggles through my upbringing- because it was the only space/platform to express myself!
Who is your main inspiration behind your music? 
Majority of the time- I found my Inspiration through Jay-Z but the minority I found inspiration in Myself -always trying to be a better me! I am currently inspired by myself.
What is the story behind your stage name Zoo?
At a certain point in my life, there were things that were happening Wildly, Chaotically and Warlike to a point where I saw the world as a place where we as humans are kept and tamed like animals in a Zoo! The system we live by is our reality So I decided to call myself: Zoo with the energy of trying to better the issue and create a freedom based world!
Is Mzansi Hip hop on the right direction or it needs to pull up socks?
South Africa’s Music Industry is more behind when you compare it to the American Industry in regards to Our Sound production and marketing-So I believe we still need to pull our socks up and establish a Strong way of improving our sound production skills & also expanding into a wider variety of genres while also bettering the business side of music.
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Few years from now, where will Zoo be?
A Few years for me is 2 years- so I’d like to be in a place where im financially and spiritually stable enough to sustain my career but like I always say, everything is in God’s hands.
What is the motive behind your latest single "Untitled"?
Untitled is where I speak about how we let Things, Rules and people title us for the things we do and speak. I speak about how it’s important to always stay on your toes and keep striving for your own title and destiny! Get that money ?Bag 
What is that one track that you can say it got you into the spotlight? 
The Single is called: Adrenaline Was released in 2018 January - Subgenre: BoomTrap 
How is the response from your hood towards your music? 
In my hood- I receive love in many different ways that low-key aren’t visible, but the response is gradually becoming recognizable. 
Follow Zoo On:
YouTube: Official_Zoo
Instagram: Zoo_Msu
Twitter: Zoo_Msu
SoundCloud: Official_Zoo
Shout Outs
I’m Sending My Shout Outs To My Family which I love to the death,Taks Beats my producer, L-Tore my mentor and all the fans and people who have been behind the vision! I have become their Pride !

Zoo also Participated on Rap type Mag's  Ride On My Beat 

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