May 26, 2020

Rapper Blue Tee Expresses Himself on How He can Write about Anything on a Trap Beat

Nhlonipho Trinity Baloyi, Founder of BlueTeeRecords.
Born and raised in Limpopo ka Nwaxinyamani Village under Makhado Municipality, Trinity is a Multi-talented person who fell in Love with music (hip hop)
Born on the 24th of February 2001, Trinity went to public schools just like other people but refused to get stuck with the village mind-set, Trinity is an Hip hop Artist better known by his stage name BlueTee. He is a South African Musician, singer, rapper, songwriter and record producer. His name arose due to his favourate colour “Blue” and his initials being B.T
He discovered His talent during His early age as He loved music more than anything while He was still in Primary School, 2014 He went to Masiza High School and passed His Matric in the year 2018. He then went to study Electrical Engineering at Central Johannesburg College Alexandra Campus.
”I believe life is all about growing and striving to get what you want, though sometimes things do not go the way we expect them to be but I refuse to remain stagnant and work on my music to get where I want to be...”
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Who is your Main inspiration in the Hip hop Game?
Zoocci Coke Dope
Your favorite color, Blue... why Blue?
Blue to me I can say is a Beautiful colour and I love the look of it it's more attractive
What do you mostly write about in your music and why?
I Mostly write something that I'm thinking about at the certain time; I love talking about succeeding and winning in life, I've got faith in everything that I do, that can be represented by my song I released in 2017 - "Winning Team" produced by Dj HopeStar... I can also write about parties; bring the vibe in the party, this can be represented also by the songs I've released in 2018; I had an event invitation for a night show that needed some dope vibe tracks to dance and there came two of my songs; "Dance Now" and "Do U Like It" produced by Leon Hlabathi" I can write about anything as long as I can flow and rap on the beat, but I love trap beats.
If you were to choose between Engineering and Music, What would you choose and why?
I would choose music, in music you have all your time to enjoy your life and there's no one who will tell you what to do. Engineering is a lifetime job and it's not 100% guaranteed that you'll get it easy.
What is the good and the bad thing about Hip hop in your hood?
The good thing about the people in the hood is that they showcase their talents in different ways and that's awesome I'm saying this because if they use both English and Home language, they benefit in learning, knowing how to speak and to put on the words. Remember, there's no one who'll teach you how to articulate, that's why most people only know how to write English but can't speak it.
The bad thing is people now beef other people to get fans and that makes them not to do dope songs with a message in it, so they end up not going anywhere in the music industry
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How is the response from your family and friends towards your Hip hop Journey?
Well my mother loves and supports me, he also attends the events I perform at.. like "Night Before Christmas" hosted by Clemour Ngobeni from TheVoiceSA at Fountain of life chavani, she attended and after the event she asked why didn't you perform only one song? That was 2017, I had no where to record and I had to pay a lot of money for a song, she asked how much was the studio equipment set to show that she cares, I said it was expensive at the time she wasn't working but I promised her that I will buy the studio equipment while i was still at high school. However, there's a lot of family members who don't even know that I'm in a hip hop journey but I guess the last thing they wanna see is me appearing on Channel O which i believe they will soon.
Friends are the best i can say, because they're always supporting me financially and giving me advices on how I can succeed in my music industry
What makes a great Rapper in your opinion?
I mostly use easy English words which everyone can hear and enjoy rapping with me, I don't do mumble rapping and i love rhyming
If you were to change One thing in the Hip hop world, what would it be?
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Shout Outs
Shout out to all my fans, Dj HopeStar, Leon Hlabathi, TPN, Manotry and Jabulani Jay.
Stream and Download Blue Tee's - Happy Birthday Mom on a link Below

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