February 4, 2024

Rapper - Dinz F Talks the Experiences being a Rapper around Bushbuckridge | Working with Canicee + More

Growing up, I didn't have a favorite music genre due to My family's influence. However, My brother introduced me to Nelly's music when I was 11-13, and I found him cool, wanting to emulate him. In high school, I became so passionate about music that I preferred walking alone to school to listen without interruption. I would lip sync to Lil Wayne and J Cole songs, imagining myself performing on stage or in a music video. LOL, crazy ain’t it? Eventually, I discovered GieKay's music, prompting me to ask him for studio connections, leading to the birth of Dinz F. My influences in Rap were my high school friend GieKay, as well as Lil Wayne and J Cole.

What is the good and the bad thing about being a Rapper around your hood?

Unfortunately, there aren't many positives. In high school, we faced a lot of ridicule, especially in the neighborhood, particularly for the type of music we make. Despite not being booked frequently, I don't mind because I don't envision performing my music in clubs or taverns, or wherever, especially where I come from. Though I've only performed on stage a few times, it was intense and energetic, as my brother Onedile can confirm. However, I'm grateful for the small group of people from my village and beyond who understand and support my music by streaming it.

What is this one song that made a lot of people to know or love Dinz F?

Honestly, I don't think many people know me. If they do, I apologize for not noticing. However, a small group knows me as a producer. In terms of rap, I have two songs that have introduced me to some people: "F*ck A Rand" with my brother Onedile and "Man Now" with Canicee.

How is the response from your family and friends towards your music journey?

My family just watch me do my thing, they be like whatever happens man. LOL! Thing is nobody listens to hip hop from my family. But I tell you, none of my family members have ever discourage me or say anything bad like “You should quit doing music” etc, no. My circle is small, so a few friend a that I have , support me and I appreciate them for that. 

Dinz F… what’s the story behind this stage name?

That comes from my government name, Forget Dinda. One high school classmates used to call me “Dinz” ,modifying my lastname, so I just added the first letter of my name “Forget”. 

What is this one thing you wish to change about Hip Hop in SA?

I wish we could have more strictly hip hop shows in SA. That way the culture can be kept alive for sure. 

What do you Love Most about your fans when you are on stage?

I wouldn’t say I have fans like that and like I said I’ve never been on stage that much. But the few times I was on stage everybody showed me love man. It was unexpected, honestly. And I loved how they jamming along. 

Shout Outs

There’s a lot of people man, it will put me in trouble. But I wanna say, Shout out to my parents, family, brothers, and sisters. Special thanks to GieKay, brother Onedile, CB. And S.Lee for producing my first song. Also, big thanks to brother Vulani Mathebula for driving me to the studio for the first time. And to that person streaming my music , I love you ,fam.  Lastly shoutout to Mabville!

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