August 24, 2018

Rapper From Alex; Thebe Sito Releases A Mind Blowing Tape entitled SKELM DEMO

IMG 20180818 WA0011
This project is basically a therapy for me, to hope mourn key the people Ive lost, shady friends, being rejected by girls and most importantly finding balance outside of norms.

Embracing being odd and an outcast. These last two years I've devoted to finding myself as a person. Transitioning that into bettering myself as an artist. With this project that I've released you will be able to hear growth, a lot has changed.

I'm still the same person, just enhanced. I feel improved and confident about what Evd and myself were doing. So I realized that my goal was to share my story and opinions with everyone, not just the people that inspired this work. In this mixtape you can hear that I sampled a lot of the greatest songs in Mzansi, from your Lira - Feel Good to your Brenda Fassie's Higher.
So This Is For You. I don’t own the rights to this song plus I don't plan on making money off this mixtape. They're songs I loved listening to when I was a kid.

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