January 12, 2024

Rapper from Bolobedu - Tbg Rafael talks the Good and Bad of Hip Hop in his hood | Zero to Hero + More

I got Myself into hip hop music, I’ve been listening to a lot of hip hop songs on daily basis since I was young

If you were not a Rapper, what would you be?

If I wasn’t a Rapper/Musician, I would have been a person who specialises in something else in the media industry because I grew up being in tune with the media. I Loved Media since, Maybe I would have been a Videographer or a Mentor in the Music Production

What is the good and the bad thing about being a Rapper around your hood?

The Good thing is; Some people relate to the messages I try to send out through My songs, and the Bad is; Some are not relevant to hip hop beats, but however, the most important part is the message SENT

What is this one song that made a lot of people to know or love TBG Rafael?

I have a lot songs that people admire but I have realised that Many love Zero to Hero that features Mills Miller from west africa.

How is the response from your Family and Friends towards your Music?

They respond very well, though at first they thought I was just playing around untill they saw the response from the fans or audiences around. They now understand that music is my Gift and not just a hobby . They believe in me now

TBG Rafael… what’s the story behind this stage name?

The story behind the name TBG RAFAEL is simple and straightforward;

Tbg is an abbreviation for Tebogo, and Rafael Was added up since I was using Tbg Ra before .(The Ra Coming From My Surname Rabohale)
I then made it up to TBG RAFAEL

What is this one thing you wish to change about hip hop in South Africa?

What I want to change in the scene of South African hip hop is; relevancy, constancy and making beautiful Music that will inspire youth to push and fight for thier future and rights… Music with message

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Facebook - Tbg Rafael

Instagram - @tbg_rafael

X - @TbgRafael

Shout Outs?

I would like to send My Shout Outs to My Fans, Friends and Family for the support they gave me through out and still giving me. I am who I am today because of Them

They inspire me to do more

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