December 12, 2018

Rapper from Ga-Modjadji P-Rock Once seen on Generations The Legacy just Dropped "Reality Control"

Born: 1999 09 28
Gender: Male
Hometown: Limpopo, Ga-Modjadji
Current City: Midrand, Johannesburg
Genres: Rap, Trap & Hip Hop
Associate Act: M6TEEN, JAYHood, 3steps etc
Performing Artist
Recording Artist
Beat Maker
VOT FM Playlist
Alex FM Playlist
Hillbrow FM Playlist
Venrap Radio
Thobela FM Playlist
Tshwane FM Playlist
Appeared On
Chunky Ekun Ft Remesis Music Video Appearance
Daily Theta
Music Projects
Now Or Never E.P (It was never uploaded on digital platforms, It was Only Shared through WhatsApp and Bluetooth In order for me to create fan base) 2017
Other Achievements
I got nominated for the best Collaboration In Hip Hop Cares Awards
Shared a stage with Nadia Nakai and Shimza at 1685 Music Show
Being On Generation The Legacy as an Extra
Performing live at the Hip Hop Cares Awards
What is the importance of spreading your music on the internet
Everyone nowadays uses internet so it's the easiest way for people to get my music
There might be some artists out there who has no clue on how you got your music to get a play on Radio stations, would you like to share a bit?
Keep on submitting your music to radio stations, DJ'S will play your music if they love it
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What makes a Best Rapper according to Your understanding?
The message you deliver through your music and making sure that you relate to people feelings
What is the Best and Worst thing about Hip hop according to Your Experiences?
Best thing about hip hop is; you express your feelings without anyone judging you but just vibe with the song.
The bad thing about it is when you rap about things you don't know or never experienced
What makes the best performing artist on the stage?
The energy you have on stage and the communication with your fans
Out of all the performances you've had, which one was the best and which one was not that good?
The best performance I had was sharing a stage with Nadia Nakai and Shimza at 1685 Music launch
I never had bad performance coz I become happy whenever Im on stage
Image 115
If you can get to act on a soapie or series as a main character, what will happen to Your music journey?
I can manage them both coz I also have a dream to act on movies, soapies and series
What is the Motive behind your writings?
I’m inspired by the life of the ghetto and everything that is happening in my life, so when I write my music is like I write my life
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P-Rock... What is the story behind this stage name?
Rock it's a drug that makes people high so my music gets people high whenever you listen to it that's I called my self P-ROCK
Wise Words
Work on your career and never depend on anyone e unless yourself
Shout Outs
Shout to everyone who support my music and I appreciate your support
Xxx xxx xxx
Follow me On Social media to get my latest project called Reality Control
Twitter - @PRockOfficial1
IG - @P.Rock.SA
Facebook - P-Rock_SA
Reality Control


and other digital platforms also hardcopies available 2018

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