July 19, 2023

Rapper from Giyani; Payne iGor Talks about Hip hop in his Hood | Support + More

Tony Macheke (born October 14, 1998), Better known as Payne iGor, and formerly known as Pain the Emcee, is a South African independent rap musician, singer and song writer based in Limpopo (Giyani). Payne started rapping, and writing his own music in 2013 at the age of 15.

Heavily influenced by the Golden Age of Hip Hop, Payne shares a combination of traits found in the likes of
Chino XL, Big Pun, Rhyme Asylum, Big L, Eminem Canibus, Proverb, Zubz, and many more. His only wish is to become the adhesive bond between the mainstream and the underground rap scene.


Who or what got you into Hip Hop?

My uncle got me into Hip-Hop, and since then hip-hop has become my way of contributing to the betterment of society


What do you write about most on your music and Who is the main influence behind?

Everything that I write is a reflection
Of my personal life, and things that I see on a daily basis

Most Rappers nowadays do Trap, Drill and some are sliding to Amapiano, what made you to stick to the type of hip hop you do?

Maybe is because I'm staying true to myself, and what I believe in.


What is the Good and Bad thing about Hip Hop in Giyani?

The bad is that there's lack of support
The good is that i exist lol


How is the Response from your Family and Friends towards your Music?

Both my family, and friends are very supportive, and they were the first to recognize my potential


Payne iGor, what’s the story behind this Stage name?

Pain comes from my favorite anime series Naruto Shipudden
iGor comes from my favorite rap album of all time by Tyler the creator


What makes a good Rapper in your opinion?

Lyricism, delivery, cadence, flow, and his image


What can fans expect from Payne iGor from now?

My debut album (There For Me)


Please share with us one embarrassment you’ve had during your childhood?

I still need time to think about this one Lol


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Facebook - Payne iGor

Instagram - @payne_igor

Twitter - @Payne_iGor


Shout Outs

My best Friend Dylan, and my personal producer Henry BigGuy

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